Friday, February 4, 2011

BPAL Lupercalia '09: Man With Phallus Head


 Adult Content

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Man With Phallus Head

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL)
The Salon: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements II (Limited Edition)
Limited Edition released as a part of Shunga Exhibition during Lupercalia (Valentine's Day) 2009

Official notes: Smoky musk, ambergris, tonka bean, brown sandalwood, daemonorops, black currant, and honey.

Or should it simply be the d#@* head?! The name is really funny and comes with the image of a man with an actual phallus as his head (am I seeing the image correctly?)!! I guess that is the amusement part of it! Well, I cannot really define how it should smell, but this perfume oil smells unexpectedly nice.

After I got past the name and image of MWPH and the idea of smelling like one, I put it on my wrists. The scent is pleasant smelling. Lovely sandalwood first hits my nose, accompanied by warm amber. Really nice! 
The musk is definitely there. Musk is notorious for smelling like certain parts of the body (read Chandler Burr's description in The Perfect Scent) So I think the use of musk here in relation to the body part mentioned fits in. But the musk is not animalic in nature, it is just sheer, skin like and powdery. 
There is a phase in this perfume oil that is not my favourite. This when the black current starts to appear. It is syrupy and smells off. Thankfully, it completely disappears, leaving the Honey and Tonka Bean which add the much needed soft, sweet quality. 

Dry down is the best part. It smells of honey soaked sandalwood, with powdery musk and warm amber lurking in the background. Not too bad for the name! I have a bottle with about 3 imps remaining, which I will cautiously wear to places where I will not be asked what I am wearing.


  1. So... does it smell like a weiner? lolol

  2. Hahaha, weiner on a hot and humid day, wearing sandalwood oil instead of a shower.....

  3. ROFL! Thanks for the laugh of the day!

    If not for the name and the picture, I'd definitely go for the notes =D

  4. LOL Angie! It is surprising nice for the name :)

  5. LOL sounds lovely despite the hilarious name XD