Sunday, February 13, 2011

BPAL Lupercalia '09: White Chocolate and Sugared Violets

White Chocolate and Sugared Violets
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
For traditionals with Sweet tooth, we present A Box Of White Chocolates
Lupercalia '09: Limited Edition

Does white chocolate even smell? Well, this starts off sweet, mixed with a croissant-buttermilk note. Then comes creamy chocolate. The whole thing turns sour on me. Like the smell of cream that is left unrefrigerated for too long. The violets are powdery and very faint. It is light and the sweetness is not too cloying. It dries down to tangy powder on me with a musty undertone. Quite disappointing. Blind buys don't always work but mine is only a partial with a couple of imps remaining.

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