Friday, February 25, 2011

I smell Coffee!

There is a coffee place near where I live that I walk past everyday. It is not a cafe but a place where they roast and powder Kenyan coffee beans. Oh My God! It smells so good that I always stop there for a moment and take the aroma in. The guys who work there think I am crazy! But I really can't help myself. I love the smell of roasted coffee.

I was never a coffee drinker for the first 25 years of my life. Something changed when I had my Baby Elephant. I crave for caffiene since he was born. But I am not a fan of the smell of the coffee as a drink. It somehow feels wet, soggy, stale and unpleasant. I think the difference between freshly roasted and ground coffee and the drink is like the difference between the smell of tobacco and the smell of cigarettes.

Freshly roasted, ground coffee has a beautiful aroma that is smoky, dark, bitter, rich and very refreshing! I have come across some coffee scents that remind of this tantalising aroma.

Ava Luxe: Cafe Noir

Long nights of dance clubs and after hours coffee shops ~ the inviting scent of black coffee, smoke, lavender, musks, woods , vanilla and spices.
Sensual and dreamy
 with an exotic sandalwood drydown.
Notes: Black coffee bean, Allspice Berries, Cardamom, French Lavender, Attar of Roses, Cedar, Patchouli, Vanilla, Mocha, Sandalwood, Siam Benzoin, Ambrette seed

A beautifully made coffee, that is warm, smoky and so exotic! More oriental than gourmand, the coffee in it is rich and smooth, almost straight up espresso! Combination with sandalwood and cardamom is just heavenly. A very enjoyable coffee scent!

Warning! Given its namesake, Vice may be habit forming.
Steam billows rolling off a vessel of fresh made Turkish coffee, marshmallow goo tainted by graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts and blanketed in black chocolate.

I blame Dee for getting me hooked on this! I am addicted to the coffee and the chocolate in it! The chocolate is dark, the coffee is smoky and rich with yummy nutty flavour! Just delicious! So warm and so comforting that I could bathe in it! Oh wait, I did! I have used the sugar scrub and the body emulsion in Vice scent along with the perfume oil. DIVINE!

Northbound with the A-train to cabaret-jazz club-central… a scent so brazen it was barely captured in a bottle. Molten liquefied swank with androgynous appeal, to wear after midnight, in — and on — hot-spots.

Notes: Coffee, vanilla, patchouli

A very modern gourmand that is soft and more like Cafe Latte. Sweet but fresh, the coffee is made creamy by the vanilla drydown along with the earthyness of patchouli. Very well made. Unlike most Bond No 9s it lasts. It is a perfect warm up for winter mornings where you crave for coziness and of course coffee!


  1. What a wonderful post! I love the smell of fresh coffee!! It makes me think of my sweet love, who wakes up before me and makes coffee for the two of us!

  2. Thanks Catanya! Aww...How nice it is to wake up with a cup of coffee made by your loved one =)

  3. I adore coffee scents too, even just walking past a coffee shop makes me feel cheerful especially in the cooler months :)