Monday, February 21, 2011

The Perfumer's Apprentice Haul!

I recently ordered some perfume making supplies from The Perfumer's Apprentice. It is an awesome site for DIY perfume making. They have huge range of essential oils, fragrance oils, bases and key accords, carrier oils and all the tools that you'd need to make your own perfume!

In this order, I basically focussed on bases and key accords and mostly aromachemicals. I have only blended essential and fragrance oils till now and making perfume with DPG and bases will be an interesting experience! The website also has perfume making kits both for beginner and advanced levels which comes complete with guides to mix them. I decided not to go for it but I will look into it in future. Already planning the next order in my head, which will be the Aromachemical kit... oooo!

My shopping experience with The Perfumer's Apprentice has been very positive. There is a wide range of things to select and I spent two days looking at all the wonderful things on the site. The prices are reasonable. I paid a little more than $70 US for my haul. The shipping charge depends on the quantity of the order and for this order it was around $13.50 US. My order was shipped within 3 days and reached me within a week, actually on Friday but my annoying post lady doesn't ring the bell. So, I got my hands on it today. Everything was very well packed in Ziplock bags with lots of bubble wrap. I am very impressed with The Perfumer's Apprentice!

I'm very excited and so looking forward to all the blending I have to do! I'm most excited about playing with Iso E Super!!


  1. Oooh, can't wait to hear about your perfume-making adventures!

  2. Hey Dee,
    You will hear like there is no end to it :D

  3. Very interesting notes you have bought. I see lots of vanilla :-)

  4. WOWZA this looks like a lot of fun! :)

  5. Haha Angie, sure, lots of Vanilla!
    Jade, it is so much fun and exciting :)

  6. I bought these the other day, love them..and i have the aromachems, just need the naturals now. Are the accords prediluted? I cant smell them much when i placed them in oil for blending..maybe my nose is tired?

  7. Hi melody! I can't smell some of them too! The accords are premade with aromachemicals. I think the smell of each note comes out when you blend them and dilute them. I have observed that especially with Iso E Super.
    I am keen to know how you work with the blends! Do share :)

  8. Hi Su, thank you : )
    I have only begun my hobby a few weeks ago, so am not that fabulous yet! I have made 3 fragrances,
    A citrus accord with pettigrain and leaf alcohol (at first i thought the pettigrain killed it, but over the past couple of weeks its mellowed thankfully)Iso E super.This was a male frag.
    A rose/White musk accord which i really dosed up with extra aroma chems from the original white musk accord with methyl diantilis (carnationy spicy powdery midnote)my nose cant smell musk lol!
    Yesterday I made a orange (tenpenes distilled)top note, jasmine accord midnote, with ethyl maltol as a sweet sugary base.
    I am just working with oil blends at the moment which is a little frustrating!
    My credit card is in recovery at the moment before i can try alcohol blends.
    The aromachems are so exciting! Have you tried hexenyl cis-3 acetate? Such a sour green apple scent!

  9. Sounds fascinating Melody, thanks for sharing! The orange, jasmine and sugary blend sounds like something I would love! I haven't tried alcohol blends at all. I always blend in oil base or DPG.
    Aromachem kit is on my wish list! So far I have diluted some Acetanisole powder, but I can't get it to smell somehow! Acetophenone is a strong smell, some what almond-y and nutty, quite overwhelming! The sour apple accord sounds awesome! Must try :)