Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drugstore Perfumes: Yardley Lace

Yardley was the house I was smitten by when I was a kid. I loved the packaging with delicate floral design and the pastel colours, so pretty!  I had my very own perfumed talc in Rose and Lily of the Valley. I really loved them and wore them to school everyday! My mum wore Lace in the 90's. Though I liked it, to my young nose, Lace smelt different from the talcs I had. It was more 'perfume-y' and something only grown-ups wore.

I rediscovered Lace recently at Target. It is no more called Yardley Lace. It is now owned by Fine Fragrances and Cosmetics. It smells exactly the same. I bought it just for the nostalgia factor plus, the fragrance was released in the year of my birth, 1982. A good reason to buy!

Notes: Aldehydes, Rose, Oak moss
Lace starts off with blast of aldehydes, really clean, powdery and cold. Combined with rose, it smells very feminine and very classy. Moss adds a touch of oldness. It is a very pleasant and light, perfect for daytime wear. Something about it brings to mind the olden days of 80's and 90's. It is old in a very fond and nostalgic way. It may be the aldehydes and the oakmoss or just the feeling when I smell it, it brings back a gush of memories! Nose behind the perfume is Dominique Ropion, who has a long list of masterpieces to his credit.

You can find Lace at any chemist for about $15. I think it is money well spent for such a nice perfume. I used to spray it on freshly washed and dried towels because it is really crisp and powdery! 


  1. I love the bottle too Vintage :)

  2. Where can I buy this in the US? Please let me know

  3. Please tell us which Target store and what is the name of this perfume now?