Sunday, March 6, 2011

Impending haul, excitement and giveaway winners!

I love eBay and hate eBay! I love that I can find what I want, especially perfume oils at great discounts. It is less painful of a wait than ordering directly from companies like BPAL, who take eons to ship and not paying a bomb for shipping is always good. Most eBay sellers of perfume oils know about their oils, very helpful and take very good care of their goods.

What I hate about eBay is the bidding. I am the highest bidder till there is 35 secs left for the auction to end and someone swoops in to make a .50c higher bid than mine and BAM! It is gone! I am fairly new (just got my yellow star) and learning to swoop myself.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of bidding on a huge perfume oil lot including Arcana, Violet Market, Cobalt Blends, Good Judy, Mythos Mixture etc. Second lot is of 3 BPAL oils and third lot is 5 full bottles of Nocturne Alchemy. Most of them are limited edition and I am getting all of them! Wheeee!!

That is not all. When I checked my PayPal account, I saw that the transaction was done to a familiar name. It was none other than the perfumer Brent Leonesio, the founder of Smell Bent!! I am surprised, excited and privileged at the same time to deal with him, although I feel silly asking him for a discount on combined shipping for all the items!

Last week, on my blog post I announced a tiny little giveaway. It was very easy for me to choose the winners. Everybody who responded gets to try my handmade perfumes! Congrats Jac and Jaime!! Jac, I already have your details. Jaime, please email me sdr.aus@ so that I can post it off asap. Thank you.

I am actually about to take a very important exam in less than a month's time. If I pass the exam, I will get registered to practice medicine in Australia. Wish me luck! I will still procrastinate by shopping, smelling and writing about perfumes!


  1. Congrats on the ebay wins, I gave up on ebay bidding pretty much when folk started using sniping services. And big good luck with your exam!!! Does that mean you will be a dr, what kind or dr??? And where are you living these days are you in the city or north, east or west? :D

  2. Thank you Jade :)
    Unfortunately, I am already a doctor just out of med school. Well, not really 'just out' been busy with family etc. for the last couple of years. I have been trying hard to get into the system. I hope this exam opens more doors, if I pass that is :D
    I live in Chippendale. It is about 2 kms to the city, gotta love that :D

  3. Fingers crossed Su for your exam.
    My mum is a registered nurse so I have a long standing respect for the health profession and those who choose to work in it. :)

  4. Thanks so much Jac :) I need to work very hard to get through.

  5. Hello doctor! Surely you will do well in exams. Good luck.