Saturday, November 26, 2011

Keiko Mecheri: Peau de Peche

Not an average fruity peach perfume. In fact, there is very little fruit in it. It is called Peau de Peche, the skin of peach. It is a very literal perfume. It smells exactly like the skin of fresh firm peach. The smell you get when you dip your teeth into a fresh peach, smell of the of crushing raw peach skin which is just about to turn juicy but not just yet.
Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche
Decant from
The Perfumed Court

Keiko Mecheri Website
Japanese White Peach, Orris, Sandalwood, Musk

Peau de Peche is clean, polished and very elegant. It is green with very little sweetness from tart, white peach, just picked from the tree. It goes on powdery on my skin, reminding me of the velvety skin of peaches. The musk and very light white woody notes give the "skin" scent feel to it.

When I apply on the skin, my skin smells gorgeous, like the skin of peaches! It feels like a delicate veil on my skin. So refreshing that it makes me want to smell like this all summer. Peau de Peche is from Les Eaux Tendres collection of Keiko Mecheri, 'the tender water', should give an idea about the tenderness and the 'skin scent' feeling the perfume gives. Just when I am wowed, I'm also bit let down by this gorgeous smell. Unfortunately, it has no longevity whatsoever on my skin. But you got to give credit to Keiko Mecheri for this ethereal peach creation which is unique, charming and chic.

My sample is from The Perfumed Court  Samples can also be purchased directly from Keiko Mecheri website. I'm not sure if I'd go for a full size, even though I think the smell is well worth it, the longevity and projection make me think twice. Lucky Scent has a reasonable price for online purchase (US $115 for 75 ml, same price as on the official website) as against Libertine Perfumerie (AU $225 for 75 ml) 


  1. Sounds gorgeous, shame about the longevity

  2. Peach is one of those scents that I just don't enjoy, I think. I like fresh peaches to eat, and those smell lovely, but I don't particularly like the perfume translation.

  3. Jade, it is a shame. I really wish it lasted at least a few hours on me :(

    Larie, I totally understand your feeling towards peach. Somethings just don't work, for me Orange/citrus/lemony notes are like that.

  4. sounds lovely just a gentle hint of peach appeals. I'm currently using a peach & almond shower gel, its very nice

  5. I think I will have to try this one, even though I'm not really into peach as a note let alone an entire perfume theme. Keiko Mecheri just has he most lady like and beautiful formulations though, I can never resist!

  6. Sarah, peach perfumes are nice, but finding the one peach you like is hard! That shower gel sounds amazing :)

    Michaela, so true! KM perfumes have a charm of their own :) Do try Peau de Peche if you get a chance. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)

  7. Oh Su I wonder if I would like this?

  8. Tried it! Nope, it's too sweet for me to wear personally, but I do like it on paper. Ive dabbed my sample on a hanky to scent my bra drawer. Will be sticking to my fav KM - Cuir Cordoba!

  9. Jac, try it for sure! It will make a nice summer scent :)

    Michaela, oh shame you didn't like. But I bet your bra drawer is smelling nice :) I haven't tried Cuir Cardoba. If it is a leather scent, I might like!