Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nocturne Alchemy: Eternal Egypt

Nocturne Alchemy is a whole new world to me. My knowledge of Egyptian Mythology is a little beyond The Mummy (both parts), thanks to my husband who has sprung my interest in the archeological aspect of the Pyramids and the tombs. Perfume oils based on ancient Egypt and mythology sounds very intriguing.

At the first look, the website looks simple, but look closer and there are so many different categories of perfume oils. The names are really enchanting. There are 9 kinds of Royal Ambers, The Eternals: a tribute to the eternity of Egypt, Gods, Goddesses and Deities: so many beautiful names and significances, Om Na for spiritual harmony and so many more. It is so very fascinating to learn all the names and the stories/inspiration behind these creations that is translated to a perfume.

They cost $13 - $15 for general catalogue and limited edition full bottles. The samples (1ml vials) are called Skarabs, like the flesh eating insect! You can pick a Skarab with a scent of your choice for $3 or a pack of 6 Skarabs for $15. Shipping to Australia is $13.75 I cannot really comment on the service, (which I have heard is generally good) as I got mine from eBay.

I recently got my hands on a stash of Nocturne Alchemy perfume oils, most of them are full bottles, some are Skarabs. I have been exploring the oils and this is my first review.

Eternal Egypt:
Eternal Egypt is the signature scent and available in the general catalogue. The notes from the website:
White Amber, Red Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Amber, Sands of Egypt

This one is a really beautiful scent. It is warm and so lovable. The amber is so soft and so pleasant. I can't really tell the musk apart, but it is not too soapy, just adds a nice touch to it. There is something amazing about the scent, the sand note! It is like walking on desert sand and smelling the heat and the dust. It is so unusual and beautiful. It has a smokey quality, kind of incense like but not that harsh. It smells a lot sweeter in the bottle. But on the skin, it is not as sweet, just a soft vanilla like creaminess. Just gorgeous!

The bottle comes with a reducer cap, which should work alright till the oil is well above the vent tube, after which it may have to be surgically removed. One thing I like about these caps is the oil trickles perfectly into drops.

I am totally impressed by Eternal Egypt and I am looking forward to trying so many other NAs I have. I am starting to love Nocturne Alchemy which may not be a good thing for my purse!

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