Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Perfume Oil Haul!!

I am one happy chick today! I just collected from the PO, my perfume oil haul from eBay!! So many oils, so many new companies, oh so much to smell! Clapping hands! Wheeee!!!

Here is what I got.
Nocturne Alchemy: It is a perfume oil company that is based on Egyptian Mythology
Eternal Egypt
Desire of a Queen
The Netherworld
Nokturne: Tabasheer
X-Mas in Cairo
Nokturne: Ember

More Nocturne Alchemy: imps, some decanted, some direct from NA. They were free imps that was generously thrown in by the seller.
Anubis: 2 imps, both smell different!
Shadow of Anubis: Halloween 2007
Darker Scarab: Halloween 2007

Enraged Orangutan Musk
Rose Red

A nice mix of various perfume oils companies:
Cobalt Blends: Palaver
Mythos Mixtures: Epic Quest
Mythos Mixtures: Ehbon
Violette Market: Diablo Canyon Cemetery
Violette Market: The Sea Dragon
Good Judy: Trustafarian 

Arcana: Pax Mundi. This is huge 10 ml bottle!

All the oils are full to the brim. Some are Limited Editions. I have not tried any of the above mentioned companies, except for BPAL and Good Judy. I am so excited to try so many new smellies!! I am already looking at Scent Base for descriptions!


  1. Wowza, what a haul!! Nocturne Alchemy sounds very interesting with its link to Egyptian mythology. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  2. Yes, Angie, I am fascinated too! I am just starting to smell each one and collect my thoughts. You'll hear a lot of it from me :)