Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Tom Ford Private Blend Amber Absolute

I am the hugest fan of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection. It is amazing how all the perfumes in the collection are so very well made. Each one feels so special and true to the description. Due to the price, which is really steep $285 for 50ml and $795 for 250ml, I am satisfying myself with decants and samples. If you spot a mesmerised, crazy haired girl standing at the Tom Ford counter in David Jones, trying the wonderful creations on different parts of her upper limb, do say Hi!

Tom Ford Website says:
A hallmark PRIVATE BLEND fragrance. AMBER ABSOLUTE is a honey-colored scent infused with the purest form of Amber, joined by a tenacious refrain of African Incense, Labdanum, Rich Woods and a touch of Vanilla Bean.
Recently I had the opportunity to try Amber Absolute. The generous 4 ml sample has me fixed for sometime. It smells as alluring as the golden fluid in the little bottle! Amber Absolute is absolutely stunning! I am a huge amber fan and Amber Absolute is all that I can ask for and more. The perfect amber scent. It is warm, sensual and so sexy. The spices come through beautifully, to fill the nostrils with warmth. There is a hint of booziness to it. I do get some benzoin which adds a incense-y, smoky, rich balsamic feel to it. It is deep and intense. The dry down is just gorgeous. The spicy boozy amber is turns into a softer, velvet-like amber with traces of vanilla and some woody notes. If this is not to die for, then what is?!

It stays and stays on my skin, has an amazing throw too. It wears really well even in the mushy summer weather in Sydney, without feeling heavy. I can't wait for colder months so that I enjoy it even more. I must be crazy to buy a full bottle paying a mini fortune or some person's livelihood but this is on the list following Tobacco Vanille. 


  1. that is serious price for this scent but I bet it's divine. I must go test it out one day.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Yes Lilpil, they are ridiculously expensive!
    Do test a few of them. There are about 17 in the collection, they are all gorgeous! x

  3. I am still craving a bottle of Tobacco Vanille.

    SOME DAY...

  4. Ahhhh... Sigh.. I am thinking to start a 'Tobacco Vanille' fund :)

  5. I should hunt down a sample of tobacco vanille just for a lil sniff :)

  6. Hey Vintage, it smells great too :)

    Jade, do spritz on some at DJs Tom Ford Counter. Love to hear your thoughts :)

  7. I am a big fan of the Tom Ford Amber and Vanille! I buy the 5 ml decants on Ebay all the time! That and Czech and Speake old 88! Is all i need!