Monday, April 11, 2011

Agent Provocateur: Maitresse

About a month ago, I really wanted some cheering up and went shopping. I strolled into Market City and found a CFD (Cosmetics and Fragrances Direct) right there! Needless to say, I wanted everything there! But I had a tie between Stila pressed powder, which I needed and this very tempting pack of Agent Provocateur Maitresse. I could justify buying just one thing. Well, as usual, 'wants' conquered 'needs' and I came home with this gorgeous thing!

The beautifully packed gift set has a 5ml miniature of Maitresse EDP and a little body wash. Bonus, the bottle has a spray atomiser! And it looks so cute! I like the egg shaped bottles of all these AP perfumes. I paid $15 for it which is not too bad. 
"AP Maitresse is an intoxicating Eau De Parfum
with the passionate top notes of White Lotus Petals and
delicate nuances of white Ylang Ylang,
caressed by the pure essence of Osmanthus core,
and immersed deep into Jasmin Sambac
.....the scent of seduction."

Agent Provocateur has an image of sexiness. Given the name and coming from a company that is famous for lingerie, it is not hard to guess. Maitress is the first ever AP that I have tried. I expected sexiness and I am not disappointed at all!

Maitresse is a seductive floral. Right up front, there is bouquet of florals, not very polite but not too harsh either. The Lotus and some white flowers emerge through, fresh and heady. The Jasmine and Osmanthus are beautiful! It has an old powdery feel to it. Not sure if it is Iris or Orris Root or even Violet. I am yet to distinguish these notes but it smells velvety. I read that suede is one of the base notes and I can surely feel the soft, creamy version of leather which is sexy at the same time! It is sexy and seductive without being skanky. White florals + suede = sexy! I like it! Oh, and this one lasts and lasts!

The little tube of creamy body wash that came with it is not much of a use. I hardly ever use matching body wash or lotion because they just don't work on me. I have saved it to give it away to someone who can actually use it.


  1. Nice packaging :)

    You must have tons of perfume! ha

  2. Nice pampering gift for yourself :)
    I have Strip and like it. I know exactly what you mean by the bonus of having atomizers. Most of my miniatures are dab on and really annoying!

  3. I LOVE Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionelle it is the best! I havent smellt Maitresse though, will have to get my mits on it!

  4. @Vintage, haha, yes I do unfortunately for my wallet :D

    @Angie, I don't mind the dab on minis but sprays are so convenient!

    @Tea, Maitresse is my first AP! Now I am eager to smell Eau Emotionelle and Strip :)

  5. Wants versus needs lol I have been there!

  6. LOL Jac, the eternal dilemma :)