Saturday, April 16, 2011

BPAL: Enraged Orangutan Musk, Fae, Rose Red

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab:
Enraged Orangutan Musk, Fae, Rose Red
BPAL: Enraged Orangutan Musk
Limited Edition
"Five dark, aggressive, furious musks with ambergris bouquet, Malaysian rainforest plant extracts, black amber and orange peel."

This was a BPAL Forum-only release, now a Limited Edition. Thanks to eBay, I got my hands on this. Enraged Orangutan Musk is available for purchase from BPAL's Etsy Store, which has so many prototypes and discontinued perfume oils. Another temptation to withstand!
I wasn't really sure how aggressive and furious the musk would be. I love musk but sometimes, it can be too overwhelming. There is definitely musk in it, a very dramatic musk! It could be called aggressive at first but as the greenness of the "rainforest" emerges, it is really toned down to a soft musk with dark undertones. I really can't separate the orange peel note, it feels bitter and complements the greenness well. The amber is absolutely beautiful and is prominent in the dry down which is gorgeous. 

General Catalogue
Bewitching Brews
"A brilliant, ethereal scent: white musk, bergamot, heliotrope, peach and oakmoss."
Fae is so pretty! It is fresh, light and has the bubbliness of a fruity champagne. The peach is juicy but not sweet, it is a fresh, fruity, effervescent scent. I think it is unlike any BPAL I have smelt. There are no twists, just a straight forward pretty scent. Very likable.

BPAL: Rose Red
Yule 2003-2010
Limited Edition
"The perfected winter rose, dew covered and freshly cut."
OMG! This is just like smelling fresh red rose, covered in dew! So fresh that you can still smell the green stem that is just plucked. So lush, so romantic. I am not huge on rose scents but love this! Amazing!


  1. Damn Su you're making me want to shop when I'm on a no spend *eeep* 0_o

  2. LOL Jade, isn't that Etsy store tempting?! Maybe a well deserved treat at the end of your shopping ban, no harm in planning! x

  3. Honestly I don't care how it smells... clearly something called "Enraged Orangutan Musk" must be in one's perfume collection. BPALs crack me up!

  4. LOL yes, everyone should have a mad monkey with them :D