Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BPAL: Womb Furie

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Womb Furie
Limited edition for Lupercalia

Oh, that wily womb! Hippocrates and his followers considered the womb a mobile creature, causing mayhem as it writhed its way through a woman's body. Sometimes this ornery organ, due to lack of sexual activity, would create conflicts within a woman's system or would become blocked itself, causing anxiety, nervousness, water retention, and sleeplessness. With the assistance of doctors, nursemaids, hand tools, or, occasionally, self-manipulation, this vexing condition could be alleviated through hysterical paroxysms.
Or, as we call it nowadays: orgasm.
An itch that needs to be scratched: Snake Oil and three types of honey. 

I have been wanting to try Womb Furie since about a year! What made me very curious about Womb Furie in the first place was Dee's rave reviewFinally, I got my hands on it, thanks to Dee's blog sale! Now I am a proud owner of a bottle of this great scent!

First thought when I smelt it was "Oh my god, where had this been all my life?!" 
I love Snake Oil to death! This smells like Snake Oil which is spicy vanilla, but the honey note adds tenderness to it! Really warm, subtly sweet and very sensual. 

Smelling Snake oil and Womb Furie side by side, Womb Furie doesn't have the sharpness of spices that Snake Oil has to begin with, it is all toned down by honey. Snake Oil's dry down of vanilla has a lot of smokiness to it. Womb Furie dries down to a sweet sexy vanilla. I love both. I don't want to choose one! 
This is released for Lupercalia (Valentine's Day) as a limited edition. Wait till next year to get your hands on it! 


  1. I thought I'd sent you a sample of this last year. Slack of me!

    It's just gorgeous, isn't it? I haven't smelled this year's - I wonder if it was any different?

  2. It is amazing! LOVE!

    Don't know if they changed it, the description is the same. But it may smell different due to ageing, or so I have heard :)