Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY Perfume: Barren

I called it Barren because it is dry. No water, no flowers, no fruits in sight. The notes are Oud, Benzoin, Amber, Sandalwood

This is such a risk because it is based on Oud (Agarwood) Oud is something that can be very potent and not necessarily something one wants to smell like. Attars, which are the combination of Oud and (mostly) Rose are overpowering on me. But some Ouds can be just divine. Tom Ford Oud Wood, some Montales and some By Kilian (Back to Black) are just wonderful creations. I love the depth and the feel of intensity.

I have some Agarwood that is closest to the natural. My intension was to tone down the agrawood to reduce the intensity and make it softer. Technically, the blend I have is extremely viscous. It is hard to get it out with a pipette and measure the exact quantity. It easily dissolves in DPG (dipropelyne glycol) which is a good thing.

To mellow the Oud, I used benzoin, which is a sweet, balsamic resin, Amber to add warmth and softness and Sandalwood. Overall, it smells different. The benzoin is boozy and sweet but the sandalwood is rich and woody. This is most definitely unisex. My husband tried it, (unusual of him try what I make as he thinks they are quite 'strong') and he liked it. He immediately picked up the sandalwood and has requested me for a little bottle for himself! 

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