Saturday, April 30, 2011


The beauty of writing a blog is that you can write your heart out when inspiration strikes and just relax to take a break when laziness strikes! I have been quite lazy lately therefore not many posts. Just an update on what is happening

First of all, I was Liebsterised by lovely Jac from Chloe Blue Likes To Sparkle! So very thrilled! Will be sharing the love soon!

I am loving the cooler weather because I can wear all my heavy and sweet perfumes. But hating the rain and having to stay home with a cold. But loving Cougheze! It is mentholated and full of eucalyptus, so fresh, clears my throat but too much sugar! And of course loving a lot of Vicks Vaporub!

Just a few sleeps till my birthday! I'll be kidding myself if I say I am not excited! Very excited about still being in twenties! My birthday shopping is going great. I bought myself Dior Serum de Rouge, which I have been wanting since a long time! The shade is called Peach, more of a pink than peach, no shimmer, just perfect! I got a pair of cubic zirconia single stone earrings, one of so many I have but needed a pair as I can't find any of the others! I shopped for some clothes at Zara, a faux leather jacket and a pink sweater top. Going to Market City soon to find a matching pair of boots for the jacket and do some makeup shopping from CFD!

Two new perfume crushes! L'Occitane Eau des Baux, such a beautiful spicy vanilla with an incensy feel, just beautiful! Hermes Elixir de Marveilles, deep bitter orange with lots of deep resins, so heavenly! I want a bottle!

Up coming posts: I cleaned out my makeup and perfume cupboards. Lots of pictures to show my slightly expanded collection!
I have some Montale samples on their way from TPC, should be interesting as I have never tried Montale before and loving Aoud now-a-days. Jac sent me some Ralph Lauren samples and I already love Wild! So many reviews to write!!

I watched the Royal Wedding. I rolled my eyes about a 100 times and was a little nauseous hearing so many royal words but I did enjoy watching it!


  1. Nice to hear from you! Happy birthday in advance and hope your cold clears up soon! xx xx

  2. Oh Su I see you are gearing up for a birthday soon too - mine is on the 8th, which is also T's B'day AND mother's day. Hope you get your own b'day day and get to celebrate in style x

  3. Hey Jac, mine is on 4th :) How exciting for you, two birthdays and Mother's Day! I am sure you are all geared up too :D

  4. It's so difficult keeping up with a blog!

  5. I agree Vintage! To top that, I am very lazy :D