Friday, April 8, 2011

TAG: I wish I hadn't bothered....

This is a TAG from Jac's blog, Chloe Blue Likes to Sparkle. Then Jade made a great post on the things that she was unhappy with. Now my turn to share with everyone some of my unhappy perfume purchases. Not surprisingly, the list is long. Here are a few:

Lanvin Rumeur: Well, I bought this during Christmas time at Chemist Warehouse. Many reason why I bought it, firstly because I read so much about it. Secondly it was under $20 on sale. I don't like it one bit. It is like a big mess of florals, all mashed together into one big floral mess. It starts off very sharp and remains that way through out. Big no-no!

Burberry Touch: I really like Burberry fragrances. Brit for men is my all time favourite men's fragrance on me. Touch is very soft. Almost invisible on me. I first thought I'd wear t to places where I am not supposed to wear perfume. I tried wearing wearing it daily for a few days to the hospital. It is boring! Very flat and uninteresting. I'd rather wear just Impulse.

Bond No 9 Fashion Avenue: I got a 50 ml bottle as a good bye purchase from Adelaide. It was on sale and I thought it smelt good at the shop. I still like it. It is slightly green (Mimosa) but mostly it is just Ylang Ylang. I love Ylang Ylang and I have heaps of essential oil. I'd rather wear my EO than spending $$$ on a linear perfume that smells the same. Good perfume, but I wish I hadn't bothered....

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment: I am a huge fan of floral-ness of Eternity. I just love it! Eternity Moment is kind of too floral for me. A good friend now owns my bottle. It was her dream wedding perfume since she was 17 and she will be one happy bride in a few months time!


  1. Lol, sure! I especially like the star shaped Bond No 9 bottles :)

  2. I am happy to say none of those perfumes were on my must get list - phew!

    Can I add a perfume? If so it would be DKNY Be Delicious (original). After smelling the Fresh Blossom one the original has been left to gather dust on my shelf lol

    I like Vintage's positive spin though cos the bottles are pretty x

  3. Jac, I remember smelling Be Delicious and thinking it is "too fresh" I haven't smelt Fresh Blossom, I bet it is nicer :)
    I love those Be Delicious bottles too BTW :D