Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seven Days of Sandalwood-The Body Shop: Woody Sandalwood

TBS Woody Sandalwood
Notes according to
Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Clove, Amber Musk
Tonka, Vanilla, Labdanum
TBS Woody Sandalwood perfume oil is a beautiful Sandalwood fragrance. A very dry, deep woody perfume. It comes across as strong but somewhat soft and comforting. The spices and the earthiness of Patchouli take the centre stage to begin with but it dries down to soft woody base. It is unsweet, dry and spicy version of woods. It is stark but very easy. It gives comfort and pleasure by being rigid, dry and denying the sweetness, kind of an austere perfume.

I am pretty sure that this has been reformulated. From memory, it used to be more "sandalwoody" and deeper.  In new one, there seems to be more of Cedar than sandalwood. I liked the new one too.

This one is discontinued in Australia and maybe still available in the UK. It is rare but can be found on eBay. I initially bought a bottle of the perfume oil from eBay for 3 pounds (I should have known better) I am pretty sure it was rip off because, in spite of the reformulation, it did not smell anything like what it should. After vain attempts to return it and a negative feedback to the seller, I finally got myself a real one. Though I miss the old one, the new one retains all the characteristics and the essence of the old one. A very impressive woody perfume oil. 


  1. When The Body Shop discontinued most of their perfume oils, I was pretty distraught. I loved 'Pink Pepper'.

  2. I don't think I'd be a fan of this one as I'm not a fan of woody, earthy scents!

  3. Oh Michelle, Pink Pepper brings back memories! I don't get why they do it to good perfumes :(

    Vintage, looks like this perfume oil has all that you don't like :) It has kind of a masculine touch to it too!

  4. I do remember this! I have forgotten how it smells though. From TBS I miss Fuzzy Peach and Japanese Musk but they do bring them out from time to time :)

  5. Oh yes, Fuzzy Peach! Bring it back :)

  6. I googled and came across a site that recreates discontinued perfumes and might try it out. I bought 10 bottles of the sandalwood when it was discontinued - down to my last 4 and having a panic since I've used for 25 years.

  7. Hi, I am from Italy. I just wrote to Body Shop to claim to sell again Woody Sandalwood, I love it and I never found something similar. The remained items we find on web are so expensive, up to 90 $ for a few milliliters...I really don't understand why they stopped to propose it trying to sell new silly fragrances when they have one soooo precious!!!