Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seven Days of Sandalwood-Diptyque: Tam Dao

Notes according to Diptyque website
Ambergris, Cypress, Rosewood, Sandalwood
Tam Dao "Memories of the East, the precious, sacred scent of sandalwood in the heat of an Asian jungle."
If there is one sandalwood fragrance out there that is not only beautiful but also cures the mind and body, it is Tam Dao! Tam Dao is a blissful sandalwood that evokes a sense of calm. One whiff takes you into a trance. Just magical!

The sandalwood is not intense, it is light and pleasant but still has the smoothness and luxury of sandalwood itself. Tam Dao has sandalwood in its spirit but translates to something modern, light and wearable. It does lean towards being masculine and I want my man to swim in its elegance. But on me, it is just divine and sensuous! Being an EDT, makes it milder and the staying power on my skin is not that great. But I recently tried it on the cuff of my jacket and the heavenly smell just followed me everywhere!

Mecca Cosmetica is a great place to sniff away! It costs $150 AUD for 100mls and $120 AUD for $50. The Perfumed Court has decants at $3 for a ml, which is where I originally got mine.

This concludes the Seven Days of Sandalwood. But there are many sandalwood perfumes on my list to try: Creed Imperial Santal and Original Santal, Caswell Masey Sandalwood, Floris Santal and Le Labo Santal 33. Hope I get a chance to try these soon!


  1. What will your next series be? :)

  2. LOL Vintage, Thinking of Aoud but that would take more than a week :D

  3. Not tried Tam Dao, heard so much about it!
    I will be waiting for what Aoud perfumes you will be talking about :)

  4. I also love vintage and it makes my senses more refilling on a scent,good that you shared this. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


  5. I love Tam Dao but seems to last no longer than an hour. Is there a similar smelling perfume that has staying power you can advise?