Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seven days of Sandalwood-Scent By The Sea: Sandalwood Vanilla

Sandalwood Vanilla is a beautiful little number by Scent by the Sea, an Etsy store that makes absolutely gorgeous perfume oils. Some time ago, I tried the sampler sets and very impressed with the scents and the service. My favourites are Sandalwood Vanilla, Cinema Rouge and Egyptian Honey. 
Scent by the Sea: Sandalwood Vanilla sample
Sandalwood Vanilla is an amazingly sweet vanilla with woody sandalwood. Something so simple can be so beautiful! On my skin, the sweetness is subdued, the depth of the sandalwood is enhanced and the vanilla comes out beautifully. It is so unique with the balance of creaminess of vanilla and sensual sandalwood. It is such a pleasure to wear, very comforting!

I haven't got a full bottle of this yet but just about to make an order! The full bottle costs $10 USD and the sampler sets are $12USD for 12 perfume oils. There is a new sampler set where you can choose your own scents! The service is great and shipping is very quick. Got to love that! 


  1. I forgot I had this. Now that the weather's cooler I might dig it out!

  2. I need to get one of the sample sets! :) I love vanilla

  3. Dee, I love winter for the very reason that I can use all the foody/sweet perfumes :)

    Vintage, I love vanilla too! Can't wait to hear your thoughts when you get them :)