Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seven Days Of Sandalwood - Serge Lutens: Santal de Mysore

Bell Jar of Santal de Mysore
1991, Christopher Sheldrake
Notes (as per TPC)
Sandalwood, Hot Spices, Cumin, Styrax, Benzoin
This is a rich, rich fragrance! Not only a rich price tag of $200 for 50 ml but also the perfume itself is rich rich rich! It starts off with a blast of spices, quite strong, opens up the nostrils! Cinnamon is nice and pleasant. Cumin really stands out and this is one of the perfumes where it turns "organic" on my skin. Santal de Mysore has the amplified spiciness of Arabie, but only sweeter. The initial dramatic spiciness is toned down by sweet, honeyed and candied thing that makes it 'warm' from 'hot'! The sandalwood is creamy and opulent. The spices, the sweetness of the honey may make it sound foody but to my nose, it is far from it. Benzoin plays a huge role in transforming the perfume. Benzoin polarises this spicy, sweet sandalwood into deep, resinous and balsamic one, still sweet and warm! It dries down to a creamy, sweet sandalwood laced with some spices and resins.

1 ml decant vial of EDP
from The Perfumed Court
$6.99 USD
Santal de Mysore is not a typical sandalwood perfume. It has some interesting spicy and resinous twist. It feels exotic and old but so close to the heart. It must be the nostalgic factor of spices and sandalwood with the fantasy of royalty and the oldness that takes you to a different time and place! Tiny little drops from my precious little vial don't really last that long on my skin. Maybe it would last longer if I stopped being stingy and used up the whole vial!


  1. I LOVE the bottle! It's so basic, but unique

  2. I love the bell jars too! But most of them come in square bottles, I have never seen a bell jar in real life!

  3. OMG, isn't Santal de Mysore amazing?! I should also dig out my sample. I really want a bottle of this!

  4. Angie, it is! Cheers to our expensive tastes :)

  5. LOVE !!! LOVE!! LOVE this fragrance!!
    at 200.00 a bottle ..
    I'll have to wait to purchase this for my birthday .. til DEC 19th!!!
    by then I can justify my purchase ..
    B-day present and Christmas gift to myself....!!!

  6. Aldo, I am sure it will be worth it! Go ahead and spoil yourself :) Much better than buying clothes and gadgets in my opinion!