Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seven Days of Sandalwood- Serge Lutens: Santal Blanc

"The vision of Sandalwood combining cinnamon bark, Siamese benzoin, iris and musk. Wooded silk. Silken wood"

Serge Lutens Santal Blanc begins with warm spices. The spices are creamy and mild blending away into woody notes. It is not just sandalwood, but cedarwood and the like give the fragrance the silky feeling. It is white and velvetty.

1.2 ml spray sample
I don't really know what to think of it. It is nice, in fact beautiful. I like it but don't really feel anything magical. The wonder of the woodiness is somehow lost on me. It must be one of those perfumes that doesn't match the personality and don't even know why. I hope to update it soon, with a more positive note.

You can try it at Mecca Cosmetica. I love that place to sniff all the good stuff! It costs $175 for 50 ml and $95-$115 for 50 mls at StrawberryNet. My sample was bought from eBay.

There is a very interesting description of the inspiration behind this fragrance on Serge Lutens Facebook page. They have notes for most of the fragrances. Good read.


  1. It sounds interesting, nothing special though :)

  2. OH, no! I am devo :( I just love Santal Blanc. But yes, it does it takes a while to like it I suppose. But if you just smell it and not break it down to notes, you'd enjoy it better :)

  3. Oh don't be devo, Angie! I am not giving up yet! I will try it again and update :)