Thursday, June 2, 2011

Drugstore Perfumes: So...? Sinful

So...? is a United Kingdom fashion house that also has some perfumes and body sprays to its credit. So...? is quite ubiquitous in Australian pharmacies. They don't cost much and available in so many different fragrances. They are very appealing to teenagers, the demographic the collection aims at.

I love body sprays. I have always been an Impulse girl and love to explore more and more varieties of body sprays. Body sprays are way past my age group, but what can I say, I just love to sniff and there is no age limit for sniffing! So...? fragrances have always intrigued me and I am not disappointed to have tried So...? Sinful
Strawberry, Pineapple, Bergamot,  Mint
Mimosa, Violet, Water Lily, Jasmine
Cedar, Vanilla, Chocolate Praline, Musk
So...? Sinful is an amazing chocolate based fragrance. It is chocolate-y and sexy, that is So Sinful! Sinful begins with a succulent fruits with hints of freshness from mint. The floral notes soon follow the fruity ones and the flowers are just beautiful, feminine and powdery. The drydown is a musky, woody, chocolate-y vanilla that is so soft and creamy! It is girly, fun and sexy. It is not a grown up fragrance yet effortlessly refined. Isn't that how a young girl should smell?!

The perfume gives so many other expensive perfumes run for their money. The body spray costs $4.95. The combination of a 15ml edt and a body spray costs under $7 at Priceline! Now that is a steal!

I have two of these body sprays. One is for me and the other to freshen up the car, to get rid of the odours of all mess that my Baby Elephant makes! It does deodorise the baby smell of all kinds!!! 


  1. This sounds like my kind of body spray! I love anything fruity/floral :)

    Great post Su, I was curious about these!

  2. You'll love it Vintage. It is fruity/floral with chocolate! What can go wrong? :D

  3. Wow this makes me want to get into body sprays again, I remember as a teen I used to love one called dewberry or waterberry lol

  4. Lol Jade, anything to make me feel young :) Plus, body sprays are so convenient!

  5. I am so getting one of these! And OMG Jade I used to have waterberry as welll! Su your posts rock. x

  6. Ooh, this sounds lovely. I used to love So...? Kiss me. It smells like fourteen. (:

  7. Thanks Jac :) Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    Michelle, how sweet is that! :) I should try So...? Kiss me! x

  8. Body sprays take me to good 'ol days too! I always wore Impulse :)

  9. Angie, I still love Impulse :)