Friday, June 24, 2011

Inside New Directions

New Directions is a reliable source of essential oils, natural extracts, absolutes and everything you need for DIY perfume making, skincare, makeup, including packaging material! The quality of the oils is really good. The prices are reasonable too. I have bought from the online store previously, was generally happy with the goods but paid a lot in postage charges. New Directions has a showroom in Sydney that is open for public where you can browse and buy all the goods. Visiting the showroom to see all the beautiful oils for myself and saving on shipping costs has been on my mind even since I moved to Sydney. Finally, last week I visited New Directions Showroom. 

New Directions Showroom is an industrial area. What's outside is so deceptive of what's inside! As soon as I entered, it was like I died and went to perfume oil heaven! It is in an art deco setting with wooden floors and a thatched roof with wooden beams. It feels like a spa. The walls are decorated with shopping bags from various brands (which were also for sale!) 

The service is phenomenal! I went there with my Baby Elephant who was in the pram. There was no disability access or lifts. The staff were so helpful that they gave a hand with the pram to carry it up and down. 

Once you are inside, you are free to browse through everything. There are some really nice couches to sit on and sniff, try all the skin care! I did not buy much, I just got empty bottles. But I will be going back for more!

I just clicked some pictures from my iPhone. I wish I had a better camera. Excuse the blurry images!

New Directions Australia Showroom
47 Carrington Road
Marrickville, Sydney
NSW 2204


  1. Great post. I have been busting to go there for years but was terrified of what I would spend in there!

  2. Thanks Sarah! You should visit, it is fabulous. Maybe make a list from the website first, so you can keep tabs on your spending :)

  3. Wow, amazing post. That's a beautiful store and you took some great pics. I would so visit New Directions if I ever got a chance to go to Australia. Thanks again for posting,

  4. Wow it's like scent heaven! Great photos :)

  5. Thanks Clare! They have everything for DIY, great place to visit :)

    Vintage, that is exactly how it felt, scent heaven :)