Wednesday, June 29, 2011

L'Artisan: Dzongkha - Review

"Dzongkha is a rapturous fragrance, inspired by the remote Buddhist mountain kingdom of Bhutan in the eastern Himalayas. Rich with aromatic influences, Dzongkha tells a special story on every skin: that of Dzongkha itself, the spiritual language of Bhutan"
vetiver, iris, incense
Dzongkha, what a mouthful! It is the second L'Artisan I am trying after Bois Farine. I got this carded sample a year ago from The Perfumed Court in a sample grab bag. Finally, I am testing it today. I have no idea why I waited this long to try this beauty.
Dzongkha is centered around calm and peace.
Imagine sitting in the Himalayas. The cool and dry breeze hitting your face. You look up and feel inconspicuous compared to the vastness of the mountains. Everything is so still that you want to be one with the stillness.....
This is what Dzongkha smells like.

Dzongkha is all about vetiver and incense. Vetiver is magical in giving coolness, earthiness and fleeting feeling. Incense makes it serene and pure. I love this combination. Hint of smoke is subtle but fascinating! There is cardamom which makes it lighter and cooler. I really can't detect any flowers or the leather but this is already complete by itself. It smells masculine (must be the vetiver note, like in Encre Noire)  but the energy about it matches my skin well.

This is an EDT formulation and behaves like one. It is not really dense which may be the character of the fragrance but not that long lasting either. I have dabbed myself with half a vial today and I don't see it lasting till this evening.
I really love Dzongkha. It puts my mind to calm instantly. I would love to experience Dzongkha on a hot summer's day. I bet it would be as cooling as the Himalayan breeze!