Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Violette Market Reviews: Diablo Canyon Cemetery and The Sea Dragon

Violette Market is a perfume oil company that has some great hand blended perfume oils inspired by whimsical things like fairy tales, mythology, literature. Violette Market has captured the imagination and translated it into perfumes beautifully. I sometimes don't get the story behind the perfume oils but these are spot on! DC Cemetery is so creepy and The Sea Draon made me thirsty!
These two bottles are from my eBay purchase which came in a perfume oil lot.
Diablo Canyon Cemetary
Sun-bleached bone, white sandalwood, golden amber, autumnal spices, coriander, wind-worn wooden coffins, sandy desert grave loam, and dried yellow leaves.
Limited Edition for Wild West themed Halloween '08 

In the bottle, it smells boozy, spicy and sweet. On the skin it changes a lot. Boozyiness disappears, it becomes woody. The coriander shines through the spices. At this stage, it reminds me of Coriander perfume oil from Keihl's, only woodier. There is a creepiness about it that emerges late but stays on.  It turns into a very dry scent. It is like dry sand, dry wooden boxes, dry leaves, and dust. Does it bring a Cemetery to mind? Yes! Very spooky! 

The Sea Dragon: Aged black vanilla, brine-coated wood, dragon’s blood resin, salty sea spray, otherworldly spiced incense, and ocean waves crashing upon the deck from the slash of the beast’s wooden tail.
General Catalogue: Lost at the Sea, Chapter I 

OMG, this is so salty! Salty scent in the truest sense. It is not a beachy kind of perfume. It reminds me of high tides, the ocean, the ship in the middle of a rough sea sailing away into an imminent storm! It has that Pirates of Caribbean vibe to it. Given that it is inspired by the story of a prince who is kidnapped by a pirate ship, it sounds like a great interpretation. 
The saltiness sits on the skin so beautifully! After sometime it becomes a 'salty incense', something I have never experienced before! The incense and dragon's blood make it a little masculine. But it wears well on me. 
I think it is the saltiness, I am getting a bit thirsty now!


  1. The Sea Dragon sounds like something I'd like! I love anything beach/nautical-ish :)

  2. The Sea Dragon has such a great ocean feel to it! You'll love it, Vintage :)

  3. Perfumes have made me hungry before but never ever made me thirsty! Very interesting :)

  4. LOL Angie, it truly is like the sea! Water everywhere, not a drop to drink :)