Sunday, July 3, 2011


Award time!!! I have been honoured with some awards recently. Vintage from Vintage Makeup nominated me for Sunshine Award 2011. Jac from Chloe Blue Likes to Sparkle nominated me for The Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you both. You have no idea, what it means to me!

Spreading the love and passing on the awards, I nominate the following blogs for all three awards, combined.
You know the drill:
link the person who nominated you,
say 10 things about you
pass on the fabulous awards to 10 other bloggers

Monsoonal Musings: Sharryn is a brand new perfume blogger from Australia.
Pandora's Box: A box full of perfume reviews.
Lotus Skin Spa: I love Clare's Sunscreen posts and beauty reviews.
Chloe Blue Likes to Sparkle: I live my nail polish dreams through Jac's fabulous blog!
Eat Paint Sniff Glue: Michelle is a beauty blogger whose witty personality shines through her blog.
Vintage's Other Blog: Vintage shows off her creativity through her photos and art.
Ki and Makeup: Ki's beauty/perfume talk is fascinating.
Miss Prissypants: Dee is a constant source of inspiration for me.
Jade Musing: Jade, bubbly beauty blogger.
The Science of Beauty: Sarah, the scientist blogs about beauty.

10 things about me that you probably did not know:

1. I had imaginary friends called "Gwandies" when I was 4 to 6 years of age. They were 2 or 3 little monkey-humans, female, spoke little and were very friendly! They commuted by jumping from one coconut tree to the other. They followed me wherever I went. I remember telling them to eat whatever was given to them without making a fuss.
I wonder where they are now!

2. I always walk anticlockwise, for example while entering and existing.

3. I used to think I am very careful. I always do things like palpating my pockets to check if the phone hasn't fallen off, checking to see if my wallet is still in my handbag, holding on to the keys carefully so that I don't lock myself out.
But these are the signs that I am careless. I am just careful enough to realise I am careless.

4. I HATE cockroaches.

5. I have a very weird looking 5th toe. It is bilateral

6. I can't walk in heels more than 2 inches.

7. Nobody in my family except for my husband and sister-in-law knows that I blog. I like to keep it that way. It is something like a secret identity/super power!

8. I can play the piano. The songs I know are Oh Suzanna and Doe-a-dear, I play with one finger!

9. I hate cooking. Not even hunger motivates me to cook. I can survive on Subway sandwiches for weeks.

10. I would love my last supper to be Idly Vada Sambhar


  1. Oh Thank you I`m humbled :)And congratulations your blog is very classy. Well deserved.

  2. thank you and my pleasure! Your blog is awesome too :)

  3. Aw, thank you Su! How did I not see this before?

    Those Gwandies sound adorably cheeky! (:

  4. You are welcome, Michelle! x

    Gwandies were pretty cool. I wonder if they'll visit me again. In all sanity, I hope not!

  5. God how could I not have commented on this post before? I must have said thanks in an email. You rock lovely and I am happy to tell you that often x

  6. Aww Jac, Thank YOU for being so fabulous! x

  7. You make me laugh Su, I hate cooking too!

    Thanks for the award :D

  8. My pleasure Jade!
    Gosh, how hard could it be to come with something to eat? Boring :D

  9. You are welcome, lovely! x