Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogoversary ramblings

It was nearly a year ago, I started writing My Perfume Diaries! One year, one great year! I am happy beyond description and kind of deluded by grandeur! After one year of writing this blog, here is a blogoversary message from me: My perspective on blogging.

A 'Perfume Diary' of a non professional nose
I called my blog 'diary' because it is just that, a place to write down my perfume thoughts. It is a personal diary with a commitment to myself to put my thoughts out there for the whole wide world to read. My posts aren't earth shattering or life changing. I don't sound professional because I am not. I just write about smell from my perspective. But I am a person who is easily influenced by pleasures and I smell with a passion. This has been my inspiration to start a blog and a year later, I think I have lived up to the real reason why I blog, my love for SMELL!

The narcissist* in an introvert's body
The real me is a shy person, who wouldn't write a blog. But, the narcissist in me enjoys all the attention. I like that my blog is centered around me. I love to write. I love what I write. I really love that people read what I write. My heart jumps at every hit and delighted when my stats surge. When people are looking for something and find my blog, I feel useful. Every comment makes my day!  I am very grateful to all my followers for the support. Thanks everyone!

My fellow bloggers
A big thank you all the bloggers who not only support me but are constant source of inspiration to me. I am lucky to know and interact with you all through blogs. The best part of blogging and internet in general is all the wonderful people I have met, both virtually and really. Thank you all, I don't know what I'd do without you.

Blogging under pressure or blogging for pleasure?
In the blogging world, I have sensed a pressure to impress, but I don't understand whom to impress and why. Who should I measure up to? Is blogging a popularity contest? Should there be pressure to do something I do for pleasure? Should it be so complicated to write about things I love?

My expectations from this blog are very low. I feel happy every time I hit 'publish'. I smile when I flick through my blog posts, hoping that it makes someone else interested and smile too. I am happy that I have survived a year, writing about what really ticks me. Is that success? Hell yeah!

Any regrets?
I only wish I could write better. I wish I knew many, many words and how to use them to make my posts interesting. I wish I was fancy. But alas, I am stuck with 'me' and 'me' is what you get here on my blog. Regrets? No!

Where from here?
More sniffing, sharpening my nose, more writing!

*Proof of narcissism: I've used the word 'I' 39 times, including the one in this sentence!


  1. Thanks Emma :) I really appreciate! x

  2. Congrats! What a milestone!

    I really like your blog because your passion for the perfumes really shows in your posts. I am really happy that you are being yourself on the blog. That is what makes me to come back and read.
    Looking forward to more and more posts! Here's to many more years of blogging!

  3. Thank you Angie, it really means a lot :)

  4. Though I'm still on my makeup blog break, I was looking through posts, and I just had to read/comment on this one! :)

    Happy Blog Anniversary Su! One year is a long time (in my opinion) Great job! :)

    Love the cute photos you used.

  5. Congratulations on your blogoversary!

    I love reading your blog - you have a warm, polished writing style. It's very romantic, especially where perfumes are concerned - which I love! With every perfume you describe, I'm absolutely captivated. (:


  6. Thank you Vintage, so sweet of you to comment :)
    I love those pictures, I just can't get over how cute they are :)

    Michelle, thanks! It means a lot to me coming from someone who writes so well :)

  7. Happy blogoversary Su. You have a flair for writing. Your love for fragrances is evident in your writing. I wont be surprised if you become a published writer.Until then,sniff away dear su :) write about what you love and share your knowledge of scents and perfumes with novices like me.

  8. Ooh...happy blogoversary - what did you get yourself? If you haven't gotten yourself anything and need some ideas, I hear you like perfume so that would be a good place to start!

    ps i like the way you write. I'd much rather you wrote how was comfortable for you than to put in fanc words that sounf awkward!

  9. Pandora, thank you! I would like to say the same about your blog. I love the way you write as well :)

    Sarah, thanks! Haven't gotten myself anything, perfume seems to be the safe bet ;)

  10. Congratulations :) what a great milestone! :D

    and I love the way you write, knowledgeable yet not intimidating to perfume newbies like me!

  11. Thanks Ki! Milestone indeed, it feels good :)

  12. Congrats I hope I will be blogging in a years time. I always enjoy your posts I might not always comment but I am reading!

  13. I love your blog Su <3 happy 1yr blogoversary! Are you going to IMATS this year? We should meet up! :)

  14. Thanks Sugarpuffish :) Your blog is great and I am sure you will be blogging a lot more by next year!

    Jade, Thank you :) Yes, I will be going to IMATS and pretty excited about it! Would be really good to meet you :)

  15. Ah Su -happy blogoversary! I tell you all the time how much I love reading your blog and this post is a great example of why. Jac x

  16. Thank you dear Jac, what would I do without you :)

  17. Su, I don't you in real life but what you write is beautiful and I'm sure if I were to meet you in person, I'd find an equally beautiful person as well.

    You are very perceptive and you have a wonderful knack of describing things that make me want to rush out and experience what you just describe myself.

    Congrats on reaching the one year milestone and I'm sure there will be many more years to come in the future. Looking forward to reading more beautiful scent diary entries from you :)

  18. Lilpil, thank you lovely! I am just lucky to know some wonderful people like you. I really appreciate all the support! x

  19. Wow Su, well done and congratulations!!! Where has the year gone, has it really been that long? You are truly an inspiration to me and I completely respect your reflection of blogging under pressure, and that is exactly how I feel too. I have started blogging for me and if anyone else is interested then yay, that is awesome, but I am not concerned about getting more followers than the next blogger, or putting my hand up to PR companies promising to write blogs that they want to hear just to score promotional products, coz that isn't me. I prefer to read an honest blog that comes from the heart (or in your case, the nose, lol) as I can appreciate the real passion and that to me is more appealing than competing in a popularity contest :) Here is to another successful year, you have excelled yourself this year so I have no doubt it will only get bigger and better in the upcoming 12 months :) Good luck and most of all enjoy :)

  20. Thank you very much Mel :) One year was quick! If you enjoy what you are doing, time flies apparently :)
    Also thanks for understanding :) Everyone has their own reasons to blog. But generally speaking, blogging is a great outlet to your passion and a place to be yourself.
    Your blog is awesome! I can see how passionate you are in your posts. It is already my go to place for skin care advice :) I am sure you'll enjoy everything about writing a blog :)