Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BPAL: Zorya

Discontinued 18/7/11
The Midnight Star
Spices of the Orient mingle with crystalline musk, midnight flowers and cereus, jasmine, primrose and vesper iris.

This is an impromptu review as I found out from BPAL Gazette that it has just been discontinued. I had to dig the imp out and sniff! I am pretty sure Dee sent this imp to me, thanks (but I may be wrong, my brain is failing me now a days). Lucky because Zorya and other perfume oils from the collection are discontinued as of yesterday.

Interesting story according to Slavic Mythology "The Zorya: Also called the Auroras. The Slavic Triple Goddesses of the Dawn, Sky and Light, who govern the paths of the day. They guard the constellation Ursa Minor from the chained Hound of Doomsday; should they ever fail in their duty, and the chain breaks, the universe will end."

Boring stuff: As a sky watcher, I look at the story in an astronomical perspective. In the Northern hemisphere, (from where the Russians saw it) the modern day Ursa Minor (Little Dipper or Little Bear) is very close to Draco, a constellation that winds round the Pole Star. I think Draco looks like what the Slavics perceived as Simargl, the doomsday dog. It does look like Draco is chained around the Pole Star about to swallow the Little Bear. Very fascinating about how Greeks, Slavics and all the ancient civilisations saw the stars and attributed interesting stories to them. Just look up and it is all there, staring at you for centuries!
Ursa Minor and Draco in constellation chart
Simargl, the Hound of
Ursa Minor in Urania's Mirror constellation cards

Back to BPAL Zorya perfume oil. Zorya is a heady floral, dense and in your face. It is a cold floral with a midnight chill to it. Jasmine is lush and intoxicating. I don't get any spices, very mild, even if present. Musk is so cold. Cereus is a kind of night blooming cactus which I am not familiar with, so I don't know and can't point it out. But there is a limestone like feeling to it, strange. 

After sometime, the heady floral blends away into soft powder. It is pleasant, close to the skin and pretty. The harshness is not there anymore.

Overall, Zorya is beautiful, womanly and strong, reminiscent of the midnight, cool air and watching the stars. I am happy that I have an imp to sniff and try, but no regrets for not getting a full bottle as it is discontinued, from yesterday.


  1. I like your ability to describe scents. I love floral scents and also Jasmine. This scent sounds so nice =)

  2. Thanks Popblush! Zorya is a nice floral, jasmine definiteky stands out. I am sure you'll like it :)

  3. That perfume sounds really lovely! I love floral scents so much. But sadly, I don't think they sell that where I live. :(

  4. Cerina, BPAL is online store which has some fabulous perfume oils. Try www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com :)

  5. You're amazing at describing scents! :) I don't know how you do it! lol

    This sounds nice :)

  6. I don't really like white florals so this one isn't for me! but I have gotten into BPAL a bit noz and it is addictive :P I have several imps and a bottle of womb furie on their way to me! :D

  7. Vintage, thank you :) It is not really a super power, comes with sniffing and sniffing many things!

    Ki, tell me about it! I can't get enough of BPAL :) You are going to love Womb Furie, very sexy!

  8. This sounds so interesting. You described it so well.I have not noticed the stars for a long time now. Very sad. We get so busy in our lives that we forget the miracles and beauty of nature surrounding us. You are a sky watcher? That must be so de-stressing and interesting. Great post as always.

  9. I love astronomy and partly astrophysics, if I can understand any of it, that is :D It is absolutely fascinating. Losing my touch due to 'light pollution' and living in a place where you can't see the night sky!

  10. Love your posts - so detailed and interesting :) This one sounds too strong for me, so finally - one I don't regret!

  11. Larie, it is very floral for me too! No regrets either :)

  12. I LOVE anything with a mythological connection, so thank you for including the 'boring' part. (: I found a really old book on mythology of various origin in a second-hand shop when I was 12 and spend many a night reading. Haha, geek out. (:

  13. Michelle, you geek! haha, mythology so interesting! These things never cease to amaze me :)

  14. Wonderful post, and I love how you tied in your scensory experience with the fragrance, astronomy and mythology. Beautiful!

  15. AS soon as I see musk listed in perfume notes I am always turned off. I have never been a fan of that scent, but need to get past my reservations because I know too well that just because scents have must in them doesn't mean they are going to smell like those musk lollies that use to give me a headache, lol. Great review, agree with Vintage Makeup, you have a way with words and can describe scents to perfection :)

  16. Clare, thank you :) I think the stroies and inspirations behind perfumes make the experience complete :)

    Mel, I used to be like you with musk notes, smelling all those musky florals. But all musks are different, with the molecular composition and the way each kind of musk behaves on the skin. I am sure you'll find the musk you love, one day!