Saturday, July 16, 2011

Haul! and a few words from Bebe Glazer

A collective haul from last week.
Sweet Anthem perfume oils. Loving each one of the perfumes. 
Meredith, you have a new fan!

Arabian perfume oils: Al Haramain and Ajmal from Paradise perfumes on eBay

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (squeeee!!! amazing stuff, this is my 3rd or 4th decant)
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Perfume and Body Oil
from eBay
Thanks to lovely Jac of Chloe Blue Likes to Sparkle for sending some pretties my way!

Magazine freebie: Designer Brands 48 eyeshadow palette with Dolly. Not bad for $7.95. I thought I had picked up matte but these shades are shimmery, which I don't mind. The shadows are well pigmented, a bit powdery and one of the pans has lifted off from the palette already. Then again, not too bad for $7.95. Nice to play with some bright pinks and blues.

Finally, a prize I won! A bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh 
from Beauty Heaven Thanks Liv!

I don't condone smoking. It is a nasty and dangerous habit. Please DON'T SMOKE.
Opening a new bottle of perfume reminded me of a particular episode of Frasier. The words of Bebe Glazer is exactly how addictive I feel about perfumes. So, what is so wonderful about perfumes? Everything! I love the way a fresh firm pack feels in my hand. Peeling the cellophane and watching it twinkle in the light. I love to coax the sweet little bottle from its hiding places and removing the cap and bringing it to my nose. The first touch of the perfume on the skin, the first sniff, inhaling deeply, till the scent fills my lungs, caressing my senses, penetrating deeper and deeper, till I think I going to burst! Then poooof, exhaling and feeling exhilarated... no two perfumes smell quite the same!

I guess addiction of all kinds feels the same. It is all in the brain after all. But there are good addictions like perfumes and bad ones like smoking!


  1. OMG, It had been a while since I watched that! Believe me, I am reaching out for a smoke now! Frasier is such a great show :)

  2. Oh no! Put it down Angie!
    I am so hooked on Frasier these days. Can't get enough and it never gets old :)

  3. Great haul Su. Do let us know how you liked the Arabian oils. Great buys from ebay too (tobacco vanille swoooon!). Have you or anyone you know ever been cheated on ebay into buying fake perfumes? Very generous giveaway from the mag people wow! Oh and let me know how is the daisy eau so fresh? I have daisy but haven't sniffed this one. Is it similar to daisy? Cute bottle :) Sorry for such a long comment full of questions I could have just waited for the reviews:) but I know you will understand and forgive me for having a very curious nose :) Love to baby elephant (how cute is that name Lol)

  4. And you described the opening of a new perfume for the first time beautifully :)I`m ashamed to say I know exactly what she was talking about in Fraser about cigs. But it has been a year that I have quit. Can`t have two dangerous addictions at a time eh? :)

  5. Hey Pandora, reviews of everything coming up :) Yes, I myself have had a bad experience with eBay. It was for a discontinued The Body Shop oil and what I got was clearly a fake one. I did open a PayPal dispute and got refunded. Though that has not stopped me, I am being very careful with eBay. Well done of quitting. You must be proud :)
    Baby elephant says hi :)

  6. Awesome haul! I love the way you described opening a perfume and taking the first whiff. (:

  7. Michelle, those are the golden words of Bebe Glazer :D

  8. You go girl, that haul is to die for, love it. Those oils look great. I am busting to try the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, I have heard you mention it numerous times, sounds amazing :)

  9. Mel, I am sure you will love Tobacco Vanille. It is pure awesomeness :)

  10. late comment hope you don't mind :)

    Dolly has again brought out the Designer Brand 48 eyeshadow palette with their November issue and i got it yesterday and i thought the same thing you thought. I don't know if it's suppose to say matte or shimmer on the eye shadow box yet mine just said 48 eyeshadow palette and when i opened it my shades were shimmery too.. nice colours though :) just curious.. did you see any of the boxes that said shimmer palette? I'm wondering if you can actually choose the palette you want or if you just get given any.. :) xx

  11. Hi there!
    Got to love a good mag freebie :) The shimmer palette from last time was too glittery and the pigment was not so good, that's what I heard from someone who bought the shimmer one. The matte one is not really matte, it has good amount of sheen and pigment.
    I was able to choose last time and picked up the matte one. It was written on the cover of the palette. Hope you get to choose this time too :) x

  12. Hey :)
    sure do :D sometimes it's the only reason why i purchase the magazine haha :) Thanks for telling me, I've tried out many of the shades and i must say the pigment is really good for a magazine freebie eyeshadow palette! My sister purchased an expensive eyeshadow palette the other week and the pigment was really lacking :/
    Oh okay then because i went to various stores looking for the shimmer palette such as woolworths and my local news-agency, and they all said DB 48 Eyeshadow Palette on the box not matte or shimmer maybe it's just here in my area. I'll check again when i go down next though :)
    Thanks again, love your blog, keep on posting :) xx