Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two Sparrows - BPAL: The Little Sparrow and Cobalt Blends: Palaver

Inspiration for a perfume can be anywhere. But it is quite unusual for a perfume to be inspired by sparrows! I was pleasantly surprised to find not one, but two sparrow perfumes in my collection! In my mind, a sparrow perfume would smell of feathers, dryness, dirt, twigs, grains, wind, nest, bird bath! These two perfumes are different from each other but I can see the playfulness, the flight and everything to bring the cute little creatures to mind.

The Little Sparrow
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) 
Marchen: The Sparrow With the Split Tongue 
Discontinued as of 18/1/2011 

Seeds, sedge, brown amber, and sandalwood.

There is a nice little story behind this perfume oil called The Sparrow and The Slit Tongue 

So, the moral of the story is..... It smells good!
Sniffing directly from the imp, I get a warm, delightful amber. On my skin, it is a whole different story. At first, it is very soapy. It takes a long time to get over that phase. After 5 to 10 mins, I smell what I think is seeds because it has a dryness to it, somewhat like husk. I don't smell any sedge or greenery, neither can I completely get rid of the soapiness. Hours later, I like what I smell. There is amber and vague woods, not particularly sandalwood. 

Overall, it is a soapy amber. I may be taking it too far, but it reminds me of a bird droppings. It has the same soapy, harsh, ammonical feel to it! Not unpleasant, just strange.

Cobalt Blends
spizella arborea, tree sparrows, flock closely to prepare for winter's foraging. Warble and flutter, scatter and return. Feathers of rust, gray, and brown, against the white sky. 
Sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, light winter spices.

Smells spicy in the bottle. Dry, inconspicuous, mild, barely-there spices that I can't name. It kind of smells like a dusty old wooden spice box that used to house a load of spices. On the skin it remains spicy for a while before becoming drier and woodier. The cedar wood is prominent. After about half an hour, it smooths down to a soft vanilla lightly laced with sandalwood. Really lovely!

I think it is a great interpretation of a sparrow. It is brown, dusty, old but very wearable. It is masculine to begin with but feminine side emerges with the creamy vanilla. I really like it.

Thinking about sparrows, another perfume comes to mind. Tokyo Milk: Sparrow No 18. I don't own this one but from memory, it smells fresh and green, somewhat like a park in the early morning with chirping birds around! 
Three different perfumes, different interpretations centred around an unusual concept, equally fascinating. It is the height of creativity, when you can smell the muse in perfumes!


  1. Sparrows are my favourite birds! I am surprised (and happy) to see perfumes inspired by them :)

  2. Aren't sparrows cute?! I was surprised too, especially to find two! It is expected of BPAL to come up with most fascinating themes but other two were a nice surprise :)

  3. Very :) they come and sit on our kitchen windowsill in India! I don't see any in France though :(

  4. :) You must miss them!
    There were so many sparrows in India when I was growing up too! Not as many now. Sparrow population is supposed to be an indicator of pollution.
    I have seen sparrows in Australia, not as many though.

  5. when you smell the muse in perfume (love that line)You paint such pretty pictures. May I tell you again just how much I enjoy reading your diary.There is nothing like coming home from a hard days work sit back and relax with a cup of chai and savor your words. I have tried tokyo milk`s honey one (can`t remember it`s name) but this one sounds so unique. Thank you for sharing.

  6. And I am surrounded by sparrows where I live. One even came and made a nest in one of my birdhouses. Chirpy little things :)

  7. Awww... Your comment just made my day :) I am so glad. Thank you so much!

    It must be Honey and Moon that is you tried, which is very beautiful. On that note, Tokyo Milk Dark is a new perfume line from Tokyo Milk. Can't wait to try them :)

  8. Very lucky Pandora, that you have so many sparrows near you :) Oh, wow, I would love it if a sparrow made nest near my house!

  9. I love scents!
    I have never tried BPAL but I've heard they have great scents and a lot to choose from. Sparrows are so cute and its interesting how a scent could be inspired by them ^_^

  10. The Little Sparrow sounds nice! I love sparrows, so cute :) I wonder what a monkey perfume would smell like.. hmmm bananas?

  11. Popblush, BPAL have wonderful scents! The choice is overwhelming. Must try :)

    Vintage, that made me laugh! There is actually an Orangutan perfume :D

  12. Oh dear, another company on the "to check out asap" list.

    And I love Tokyo Milk's scents, even though I don't own any yet. There is a display in one of the shops near me, and I always look at them and have given a few of them a sniff...though I haven't purchased any, yet.

  13. Larie, oh, the check out list! It is ever growing with so many temptations around :D

    Tokyo Milk perfumes are really great. I love Dead Sexy. Honey and the Moon that Pandora mentioned is on my wishlist :)