Monday, August 1, 2011

Marc Jacobs: Daisy Eau So Fresh - Review

Q. How many Daisies can a person have?
A. As many as Marc Jacobs can make.

Apparently, there can't be too many Daisies. Since the introduction of Daisy by Marc Jacobs in 2007, there have been 8 versions. Inspired by art, Marc Jacobs has been creating bottles of different colours, filling them with the same juice or just spiking it up a little. Call them spin off's, call them flankers, they go to show the insane popularity of the original Daisy.

Q. Is popularity the hallmark of mediocrity?
Food for thought.

Daisy somehow hasn't been my thing. It just seems unremarkable on me. At the risk of sounding snobbish, I have to say it screams mass market. I have never owned a bottle as I never felt the need to. Until, I was introduced the brand new flanker Daisy Eau So Fresh!

Q. If you have one Daisy, do you have them all?
A. Not really!

Daisy Eau So Fresh is the flanker introduced in 2011. I enjoy Eau So Fresh much more than the original Daisy. It is much younger and much less boring. Being a fruity floral, Eau so Fresh is aimed at girls who are a decade younger than the target audience of Daisy. Well, I am a decade older (at least feel so!) than the target audience of Daisy but I really like Eau So Fresh much better!

Notes as per Marc Jacobs website
Top: Sparking Grapefruit, Raspberry, Pear
Mid: Wild Rose, Violet, Apple Blossom
Base: Plum, Cedarwood, Musk

Eau So Fresh is has a fruity start, very refreshing and juicy. Fresh berries and litchi notes spring out right at the beginning. The fruits are fresh and luscious, not sweet at all. Then, I get a powdery, violet note that actually polarises the whole fruitiness and paves the way for some florals to emerge. The florals are not as harsh as in the original Daisy but equally unexciting. But it somehow seems to gel with the rest of it. The powderyness of the violet remains through till the dry down mingling with some more powdery musk. It settles on my skin like a light perfume-y powder.

Eau So Fresh is young, vibrant, fresh and perfect for summer. It has a happy vibe to it. I can see myself wearing it in the warmer weather. It would be great to wear on a hot summer's day, feeling fresh and juicy, without the cloying sweetness.

Having said all that, Eau So Fresh is not something I would buy a full bottle of. Lucky I won one, thanks to Beauty Heaven and people at Coty! Sometime ago, to promote Eau So Fresh, "Daisy Cabs" - London-style cabs decorated with greenery and flowers - were introduced to the streets of Sydney. The contest was to spot one, send a picture and score the bottle. So I did!
Daisy Cab


  1. I agree with you re Daisy. Never owned a bottle, never appealed to me cuz I felt like every second girl has one!
    And I shudder at the thought of pouring cider vinegar onto my hair hehe, at least not in winter - too cold! Will give it a whirl come warmer weather =)

  2. Hey Em, true! Daisy is very popular and that does put me off a little bit :)

    LOL @ACV! Give it go when it gets warmer. It is like a clarifying rinse :D

  3. I love Marc Jacobs Daisy~ I have a bottle =) I'm into floral and fruity scents~ Congrats on winning this from BeautyHaven hun~~ xo

  4. Thanks PopBlush! I am sure you'll love Eau So Fresh too. It is fruitier and fresher :)

  5. Will do will do =D I used to buy Pantene clarifying shampoo (clear bottle) but ACV sounds like a natural (and cheaper) alternative now, thanks!

  6. Thanks for this wonderful review Su. I was waiting for it. Thank God you liked it and didn't think of it as eeew so fresh as you mentioned earlier:) This sounds lovely. I have the original and love it in this hot weather but am craving for this one.

  7. OFF TOPIC: Have you tried L' Or de Torrente by Torrente. It's supposed to be rosy with a strong coffee note. It's not available here.I'm so curious about it.

  8. This one smells like loo cleaner on me lol x I find the packaging very appealing

  9. @Em, ACV is very cheap and natural alternative. Hope it works for you like it does for me :) Can't wait to hear how you go :)

    @Pandora, I am sure you'll like Eau So Fresh too! It is a definitely designed for hot weather :)

    I have heard about L'or de Torrente, but not tried it. I have seen it on Strawberrynet which I am sure will ship to your part of the world. Also Fragrancex is a place to hunt it. If I get a whiff of it anywhere around, I'll review it for you :)

    @Sugarpuffish, LOL what a shame! I kind of like the flowers on the bottle too, pretty :)

  10. I haven't had a whiff of this newest version yet but I love Daisy! I own the first EDP version and adore it, but I don't associate it with amazing popularity. For me, that's more the Ralph Lauren perfumes and Flowerbomb and Flora - I swear every second girl has at least one of those!

    I don't think I'd like Eau So Fresh as much though because I'm not really into fruity scents, weird that it's specifically aimted to appeal to me though!

  11. Hey Joan, it is great that you love Daisy :) Eau so Fresh is Daisy with a fruity twist. You may even like it because you can feel Daisy in it :)

  12. Haha, that's so cool! I haven't smelled this one yet, but I don't remember liking Daisy. Your description of this one makes it sound much more appealing, though!

  13. Larie, even if you don't like Daisy, this new one is worth a sniff :)