Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Montale: Golden Aoud - Review

Carrying on with my Oud adventures, I am playing with some big boys! Testing Montale Golden Aoud today.

Golden Aoud
"A grand harmony of roses from Bulgaria, Geranium Bourbon and Patchouli leaves with Leather's and Jamaican Capsicum's heart notes laid on woody basis of Aoud, Saffron, Teak Wood, Cedar Wood from Morocco."

The first lesson in Oud perfumes is to be light handed. A little goes a long way. Second lesson in oud perfumes is not to sniff it as soon as you apply it. Give it time to blend in with the skin and develop. Both these apply to Golden Aoud as well. Just a tiny dab from the vial on my wrist, after a couple of minutes I am ready to sniff.

First thing I feel about this perfume is the density, density of the Oud. Oud is in its full form, with subtle hints of saffron and roses humming in the background. This comes as relief because my skin doesn't love the attar-strength rose. Rose is deep but tender, which mellows down as it develops. Patchouli is present in an unmissable way. It complements the Oud well, enhances the earthy nature without making it too dirty. As it dries down, the oud softens into leather and a woody base.

I am testing Montale Black Aoud on the other wrist. Compared to it, Golden Aoud is bright, lighter and true to its name, it feels golden!

Golden Aoud is a bright rose with a rich agarwood base. Oud does not turn vile on me. No plastic or burning rubber smell, no headache. Rose is not strong. Good news! Good enough for a full bottle? Not sure yet, will try other Oud scents before deciding. I am slightly skewed towards Tom Ford Oud Wood!

I got my sample from The Perfumed Court in a set of 5 Montales for about $25 (fantastic value, great way to try Montale. Very hard to resist buying all the samples!) Full bottle from Lucky Scent costs $110 for 30mls, $180 for $100, sample for $4.


  1. Haha, I want to feel golden!!! I love describing smells as colors, but no one seems to understand :(

  2. Larie, you are great at describing! do it anyway :) I'd love to read!
    I also hope someone gets what I am saying LOL