Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Anthem Reviews: Anastasia, Anita, Billie

Sweet Anthem, another Etsy perfume* store to love! I came across Sweet Anthem through Heartsy. I not only scored a bargain but also got introduced to a great vegan perfume company that makes unique scents. The lovely lady, Meredith Smith, the nose behind the the company hand blends her creations. She friendly and such a pleasure to deal with! 

I ordered a bunch of samples worth $30 for $7.99 through the Heartsy deal. The shipping is fast, they were well packed and Meredith even threw in two freebie samples. Here are a few thoughts about the perfumes. This is the first part, let's start alphabetically. Check out the second part of the reviews here

A bouquet from her beloved and only Friend, hung to dry during winter; the gunsmoke of an approaching revolution; the remnants from the last afternoon tea, still left steeping; and an ethereal musk, white as snow, hanging on until the thaw
Champaca absolute, Civet, Dogwood, Fresh Snow, Green Tea, Honeysuckle, White Patchouli

What a beautifully complicated perfume!  It is so feminine in a dreamy way! Out of the bottle it smells green and fresh with floral hints. On my skin, something fresh jumps out first, light and refreshing. I am guessing it the fresh snow note, interlaced with green tea. The floral notes literally blossom like fresh blooming flowers! Champaca made me smile. It is just like a freshly plucked flower, green, crisp and slightly sweet. At this stage, I realise that the perfume is centred around Champaca. When I go back to the bottle to smell it again, I can isolate the prettiness of Champaca from the bottle. Very beautiful. I expected the civet to turn animalic and the patchouli to turn into a havoc on my skin, but they did not! They balance out the lightness of the perfume and make a nice soft but dense base for the rest of the perfume to stand on.

I have fallen in love with Anastasia. She is breathtakingly beautiful. I rarely fall for florals but this is to die for! Goes straight to my full bottle list!

And it's a very special thing -- she makes the people clap and sing. Be happy all the time in this nearly drinkable peppermint mocha perfume. (Gourmand)
Moroccan Mint, Peppermint, Pink Sugar, Turkish Mocha, Vanilla

Anita is all about mint and coffee. It is a refreshing coffee but not as foody as it seems. In the bottle, it smells more of peppermint than coffee. Not a toothpaste kind of mint, but something like a spearmint bubble gum. On the skin, some how they work together, creating a fresh coffee scent. Unusual combination of fresh mint and dense coffee. The dry down is sweet coffee, laced with a teeny bit of vanilla. Nice!

BILLIE {resurrected}
Agarwood, Fig, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Suede

This was one of the freebies with the order.

Meredith describes it as "Jazz singing gardenia" I see Billie as a metro sexual, sophisticated, intelligent and I picture him as a powerful corporate man. Billie begins with a soft density of the florals, which sets him apart from the crowd. The dry down is amazing! Agarwood surprisingly is not plasticky on me. It is pleasant and somewhat smoky. Combined with suede, it is kind of murky making him sexy and irresistible! He is a ladies man for sure!

I am yet to try it on my man but I love it on myself. The floral part is beautiful and the agarwood and suede combination adds a ton of personality. Amazing composition!

*Sweet Anthem is in the process of moving right now. 


  1. I bought three samples, too, but yours sound so good, I may need to try some more. I forgot to copy down Meredith's scent descriptions before the shop went down, though, so my review has to wait, lol!

  2. I like the sounds of Anita~ I like vanilla scents =)

  3. Can't wait to read your reviews Larie! You could try Meredith's wordpress blog to find the descriptions :)

  4. PopBlush, Anita is yummy! Vanilla, coffee and peppermint :) I love vanilla scents too!

  5. I want Anita :D the others might be a little floral for me, so I must go look at the shop myself!

  6. @Ki, Anita is really nice! It is sweet but light, very wearable coffee scent :)

  7. What lovely treasures. Anita sounds like my kind of girl. Mint and coffee are 2 of my favorite notes.

  8. BILLIE sounds lovely! :) I love gardenia!

  9. @Pandaora, Anita is all about mint and coffee, you'll love it :)

    @Vintage, Billie has beautiful florals! It smells amazing :)

  10. Mm Anita sounds definitely up my alley scent wise :D

  11. Jade, Anita is a nice foody one :) You'll love her :D