Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top 10 Award

Feeling vaguely unsettled today. Skilfully practising avoidance by not trying to figure out why. Before my fingers click away adding things to cart and start typing PayPal password, I thought I'd do something to distract myself from online shopping. So, here is my post about Top 10 Award!

Lovely Jac of Chloe Blue Likes To Sparkle* awarded me with the Top 10 Award, recently. I really found it hard to narrow down my favourites to Top 10. I haven't included perfumes in the list. For a change, this is a beauty Top 10!

Rules: Mention the person who tagged you
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Name your Top 10 Products

I pass on the Top 10 Award to the following lovely ladies. I'd love to know your top 10 products!
Here goes my list of  Top 10
1. Coconut oil: This is something I can't live without. I have grown up with coconut oil. I use it as a hair mask the night before I wash my hair. It works wonders. It makes my hair soft, prevents split ends and so good for the scalp. I also sneak it into cooking (Make sure it is virgin coconut oil, not partially dehydrogenated which can be bad for the heart instead of good!) I also use a lot of cumin when I use coconut oil in cooking. It seems that cumin prevents the absorption of "bad" fat. Now I am craving for Avial! Yummm!
2. Dermalogica Microfoliant: Amazing daily exfoliant. Very gentle on my dry skin. Unlike other exfoliants, it doesn't have gritty bits that strip my already dry skin off whatever moisture it is holding. It is so very effective. Everytime I use it, it reveals fresh new beautiful skin! Love!

3. md Formulations Advanced Hydrating Complex: It is the lightest and the most moisturising cream I have ever used! I have the driest skin and this is a saviour. It must be the glycolic acid, it is working! The price is a bit of a shocker about $140 for this little jar! I don't think I can replace it.

4. Burt's Bees lip shimmers: I adore these lip shimmers, they feel gorgeous on the lips, come in great shades and don't cost a lot. My favourite shade is Rhubarb, which I am sure is somewhere in my hand bags or coat pockets, I can't seem to find it.
5. Dior Serum de Rouge: This is the ultimate lip product! It is infused with nourishing serum, so good for the lips. The colours are beautiful. Hands down, it the best lipstick ever! 
6. Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation: Great coverage, great finish and true to its name, amazing staying power. Mine is only a sample and will be getting a full size one soon and hopefully score a GWP as well!
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
L-R Pink, Nectar, Bronze
7. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick: I love these babies! I love them so much that I have three. Blush/highlighter/eyeshadow all in one! It is pure shimmer, fine and not glittery. Must for glow-y cheeks! My fav shade is Nectar which is a gorgeous warm peachy pink gold colour.

8. Fair and Lovely: This is an Indian skin lightening product that is based on the shocking concept of 'fair is beautiful' with questionable benefits, no listed ingredients and no specified sunscreen. This makes to my top 10 list because, I have been using this since decades! Old habits die hard.
But it is safe lightening product unlike the ones with bleach, quinones or mercury. It is great to even out and mattify the skin, acts as a primer without the slippery silicones. Keeps my face fresh for hours.
9. Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Static and MAC pigment in Blue Brown: It has been the most difficult task to narrow down my favourite eyeshadows to two! I love eye makeup and have enough eyeshadows to make it difficult to choose what to wear for the day (but not enough to stop me from buying more!) Here are my two favourites. Illamasqua Static is a gorgeous silvery/purple shade with a 'mother of pearl' effect! It just divine! You can actually build it up starting from a beautiful sheen to a full blown shimmer eyeshadow. Breathtakingly pretty!

MAC Blue Brown pigment is a beautiful duo chrome with a brown /greenish blue effect. It is a great way to make a neutral eyeshadow glamourous. If you like this, I highly recommend Bronzed Emeralds from Ritual Eyes. Mich is a genius!
10. Eco Tools Brushes: Love them! They are soft, synthetic bristles, never shed and do the job beautifully. My favourite is the blush brush. Another favourite is Sigma SS209 which is fantastic for applying gel liner. I am so happy with these that I have never felt the need to even look at the expensive ones. Am I missing out on something great by not going for expensive brushes?!


  1. Aww parachute oil and fair and lovely!!!! :D :D :D reminds me of home :)

  2. Congrats Su :) it is interesting to see your beauty favourites. Thanks for also passing onto me, very thoughtful x

  3. Ki, absolute nostalgia! And those were the simpler times :)

    Sugarpuffish, can't wait to read about your Top 10 :)

  4. Thank you so much for passing down this to me. I will do a post on it soon. Having terrible blogger issues.Cant get my new posts on the reader or any of my followers dashboards (grumble grumble).Wow, great favorites Su. Loving burt's bees lip shimmers and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. Nectar looks amazing. Parachute oil and fair and lovely is something all of us South Asians grew up with. Thanks again and have a lovely day.

  5. I love your top 10 favourites! You have a lovely collection of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks~ I've heard great things about them~~

    Thank you for passing this award to me =)

  6. Thank you for passing this on to me =)
    Loved your list, how great are Illamasqua pigments! And the lip shimmers, I've lost my Rhubarb as well, perhaps the two of ours are partying away together;P

  7. Yay, I love the Dior Serums too! I've never tried Bobbi Brown's shimmer bricks, but I know everyone loves them...I'll have to look into it. And no, you are definitely not missing out on anything by not buying expensive brushes. I love my EcoTools brushes, too. I think maybe MAC has a bigger selection of brushes (and other brands, for sure) but I've always found my EcoTools to do the job just fine.

  8. @Pandora, You are welcome :) hope you get your blogger issues sorted soon! Could it be the RSS feed?

    @PopBlush, Shimmer Bricks are really good. I am guessing Pink would be your colour :)

    @Emmabovary, haha, yes they must be partying together! Brushes these days.... :D

    @Larie, you are right, it is the selection of brushes from other brands. I hope Eco Tools branches out to make more types :)

  9. Thanks so much Su, this is my second nomination so I have no excuses, hehe. I hope to organise a blog on this during the week, but as you know I am heading down that way on Friday and have so much to organise, hehe. So with a bit of luck this week, otherwise the next at latest :)
    I loved your list, you have great taste :)

  10. Hey Su - so good to see your top 10. I so want to share your shimmer bricks lol.

    I also have to try the dermalogica - I have heard so many good things about that particular product and if it get's a thumbs up for dry skin then I have no excuse now.

  11. Mel, my pleasure :) Can't wait for your Top 10, can't wait to meet you :)

    Jac, hello fellow dry skin-er! You'll love Microfoliant :)

  12. Wonderful list. I must give coconut oil a try.

  13. hey i am a new follower :) please follow me back thanks

  14. Sunny and Star, coconut oil is wonderful and healthy too. Give it a go :)

    Live Laugh Love, thank you for the follow, will check out your blog soon! x

  15. I love the BB shimmer bricks and Nectar is by far my favourite out of the bunch :)

  16. LilPil, it is so flattering, love the peachy gold shade <3