Thursday, September 22, 2011

By Kilian Back to Black: Aphrodisiac

Everyone is on a quest for a perfume they love. Some are after the best rose, some after the best vanilla and so on. Some may have found it, some may not have. I very rarely actively search for the perfect perfume. I am never really that aggressive to search for something I like. I am easy to please, if I stay within my comfort zone of my favourite notes. Or maybe, after sampling 100's of perfumes, I am just going with the flow, passively but at an unconscious level, I am still on the quest. I may randomly fall in love with something without even looking for it, making it all the more special!
By Kilian Back to Black: Aphrodisiac
L'Oewre Noire collection
"A tobacco aroma with sweet undertones of honey"
Perfumer: Calice Becker
The name based on Amy Winehouse's song on the same name.

My ideal perfume has no floral notes. It has a ton load of resins, some sweetness and whole lot of sexy intensity to it. I can name many perfumes that I can say are ideal to me. Black to Black just joined the list!

I met By Kilian Back to Black in a set of The Perfumed Court Samples. This Aphrodisiac knocks my socks off with its smooth intensity! I feel in love with it from the first sniff. This fits the brief of my ideal perfume (I excuse the Chamomile and Geranium, as I don't smell them much)

To my nose, Back to Black is a boozed up tobacco with creamy smooth spicy amber. Kilian's family were cognac makers of the well crafted, expensive kind. Back to Black has a boozy undertone of cognac on which the tobacco and spices flourish. The tobacco is very fresh, high quality and something that comes out of a pipe. The spices are mild and very soft. I don't get any smokiness. The cognac is honey-sweet and smells really sophisticated especially combined with amber.

Finest of tobacco on honeyed cognac seems like something that an exclusive men's club would smell like. By men's club I mean, a place where snobby rich people hobnob, talk about opera, sit on antique french furniture and sip on 10 year old cognac while smoking finest tobacco pipe. The smell of power! On me, it smells beautiful. Rich, tasteful and kind of mysterious, surprisingly not at all masculine. It has a sweetish, feminine elegance to it.

Some people hate it when perfumers blurt out the formula because it takes away the mystery. But I really like the idea of the list of ingredients with proportions that I found on the By Kilian website. It is a great insight into the formulation and actually inspiring. One may not come up with something that smells even close, ever. But it is nice to know the concept of a particular "note" and how they achieve it. Genius? Yes!

I just tipped the last drops from the 1 ml vial all over myself. Ah, bliss! Therefore no photo of my own!


  1. Sounds very rich and wintery! I'm not sure if I would like it, but I would give it a try as it sounds so wonderful!

  2. That ingredient list is very cool :) As a chemist, I find things like that intriguing, haha - thanks for sharing! I wish I could like smoky, sexy scents like this, but I think I am not much of a sophisticate. :(

  3. Sounds very interesting, I like the idea of an ingredients list to me that inspires me to smell the fragrance as I am intrigued about the combination.

  4. This sounds so good. I didn't know Kilian's family were cognac makers. How interesting. The list of ingredients is a great idea. All other perfume makers should take note. Yeah right! I wish :)

  5. oooh. this seems nice.
    I am using Body shop Love ETC currently.
    oyee.. if you get time do check out MAC giveaway on my blog.
    Happy blogging gurl!

  6. I love how they list the formula, makes it even more fascinating :)

  7. It's really cool that they list everything! I think that's a good thing. :)

  8. I love how you're a perfume blogger!!! Pity I can't appreciate perfume...too much and it makes my head spin!

  9. Thanks for the comments gals! I love the list of notes and proportions too :) And it is a wonderful perfume!
    Ling, You made me laugh! Many perfumes make my head spin too, in both good and bad ways :)