Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Haul: Black Phoenix Trading Post

My very first order form Black Phoenix Trading Post (BPTP) Can't say how excited I am!

I placed an order for a fridge magnet with the words "All great truths begin as blasphemies"
and two soaps: 
Snake Oil
Snow Glass Apples
(It is a limited edition, inspired by Neil Gaiman's story of the same name.)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was inside my package! So many extras and a note from Puddin' saying that he forgot which magnet I ordered, so he included all of them! How nice!

BPTP is a pleasure to deal with. They pay good attention and answer all the questions. The shipping was quick. I got my order in a week! How is that for great service?!

Thanks Puddin'
The Soaps
Busting to rip off the plastic from the soaps and give them a try. Before that I'm planning to carefully cut them out and make them into quarters.
Extremely excited to try the Atmospheric Linen and Room sprays!

My wish list from BPTP is growing! I want the pendants/lockets so bad! My husband has been directed to the website and been told that if he ever wants to surprise me, that is THE place to go!

In other news, Halloweenies are out at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I am lusting over the Celestial Apples. But will hold it this year because last year I ordered the 'Weenies with Dee in a group order. Maybe I'll do Lupercalia this time, next year that is!


  1. I'm kind of afraid to get into something like BTPT or BPAL because it seems like such a huge thing! Excited to read reviews of your treats, though! :)

  2. Yes Larie, dangerous! Very easy to get sucked into gorgeous things =)

  3. the lockets!!!! WANT tried to look at how to order and it says it only ships to us addresses :(

  4. Jade, for international orders you have email Ted Barrial (Puddin'). The email can be found on the orders FAQ page. Postage to Aus is $14, given the quick delivery, it is worth it :)
    I also want lockers :)

  5. Delivery is hit and miss - sometimes it's super quick and sometimes it takes forever, like BPAL does. The stuff is wonderful though, so it's worth the wait.

  6. Dee, wonderful stuff, alright! I was lucky that I got my order so fast then :) maybe because they were less busy with LEs.

  7. Great haul! Love the packaging of the soaps :)

  8. Oh man! What is with people and making me want to buy fragrance lately?!

  9. Vintage, I love the packaging, very BPAL-y :)

    VijiiS, lol I know, so many evil people around!

  10. I love the packaging of the soaps! So cool!

  11. Such thought out packaging, for that alone I'm drawn to their products!
    I'd never heard of the company before, off to check out the website :)

  12. Yes, girls, love the packaging! Y, BPAL/BPTP has a huge cult following. Worth checking out the amazing little universe :)