Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh no! I can see the bottom of my glass!

No, it's not my drink that needs a refill. I'm talking about empties! I rarely do empties post because I tend to "save" things and not empty them or chuck them out. It is due to the association of the smell with something special or just because I can't replace the perfume because of the cost or because it is a limited edition or just because I don't want them to finish! 
This is my first empties post, hopefully of many more to come!

BPAL Harikata: Reviewed here. I can't take all credit for finishing it. I bought a partial but I think I did a pretty good job finishing it. It is a LE for Lupercalia (Valentine's Day) but I don't think I'll replace it when it gets released again.

Possets Madame X: Lovely scent. Womanly, sexy, soft and a creamy scent. Full bottle worthy.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh: Reviewed here. I already have a full bottle of this, which will get used a lot in hot weather.

Tom Ford Jasmine Musk: Reviewed here. LOVE it! Would love to buy a full size, only I should have $300 lying around! I wish!

Kenzo Flower: Amazing floral with a potent powdery undertone! I have finished my miniature which came in a set of 3. I have 2 more to go. But this is the EDT and I like it in EDP strength due to its staying power. I like the shape of the bottle but don't know what I'll use it for though. Surely keeping it!

Abdes Salam Attar Chocolate Spicy: Dee sent me this TPC decant ages ago. It is a lovely chocolate with a cumin-y turmeric note. I can't say I am overly fond of it and the reason is the turmeric note. 
Now for the full bottles! Thanks to my dear husband for letting me touch his empties. Anything he empties, shouldn't live in the house, they go straight to the bin! He thinks, he should have just one or may be two perfumes/colognes on the go at any given time. He will not buy or even open a new bottle until he has finished what he's using. He is the opposite of me. I'm a hoarder and he is a clean freak! Anyway, he has finished two in the past 6 months. 

Tom Ford EDT: It suits him a lot and smells nice. Fresh but not too citrusy, it had a lovely fresh pepper note that is not only refreshing but also very sexy on him. This is how a man should smell.

Tom Ford Extreme After Shave Splash: Spicier and sexier version of Tom Ford. Very dense and powerful, even in this concentration. 

I need to do more empty posts. I need to de clutter and organise. Speaking of which I will have a BLOG SALE coming up! Watch out!


  1. I do the same as you.. its rarely I see the bottom of my perfumes, but I sure am getting there :/
    I really like the Kenzo flower one too... finished that one a long time ago.
    Yes you should do more empty posts =P


  2. Absolutely! I should do more of these :)
    I love Kenzo Flower too, for its powderyness! Modern twist on powder :)

  3. I'm a hoarder too. My heart breaks a teenyy bit when I empty a perfume bottle. Your hubby sure has will power and patience. Kenzo really is a beautiful scent.
    My latest post:

  4. Pandora, I couldn't have said it better! Yes, it breaks my heart lol
    Yes, hubby is a perfectionist. He can't sleep in the bedroom if a towel is wrinkled in the bathroom. Good for me as he loves cleaning :)

  5. I think I must be a hoarder too...I have perfumes ranging back to middle school that I keep packed away, just because they have memories or certain emotional affiliations. It's like my little museum of bottled moments, my own personal Pensieve :)

  6. Haha, this is so impressive! I cannot imagine ever finishing a perfume, lol. So hard :P

    And S. has only two colognes and doesn't feel the need for any more until he runs out, too! While I have three full commercial sizes and a smattering of indies...oh well. I guess we balance each other out!

  7. Love the bottles of the Tom Ford ones! :)

    You SHOULD do more empties posts, I enjoy reading them!

    Good luck with the blog sale!

  8. Su,

    When you mentioned 6 (six!) perfumes you'd finished I was really impressed... until I scrolled down to the picture. You can, probably, count two mini bottles - ok, but counting four samples?!! :)

    ~ Undina ~ (I do not know what's wrong with blogger, it doesn't allow me to comment under my Google account again)

  9. Liber Vix, that is something! Each perfume in your collection must tell a story :) Would love to see it, please post pics of your collection!

    Larie, S sounds very much like my husband. As long we have our partners balancing us out, we should be fine :D

    Vintage, Tom Ford bottles are nice looking, aren't they?! Simple and classy :)

    Undinaba, you made me laugh! yeah, taking baby steps to finishing bottles! One sample at a time, lol I'll soon be counting full bottles :D

  10. Oooh, excited about the blog sale. I have only tried the daisy scent, but I'll have to look for the kenzo one and check it out.

  11. Pandora, LOL

    Staci, you'll probably like Kenzo one if you like powdery florals :)
    Blog Sale will be up very soon!

  12. nice collection, i too collect perfumes although i would like to buy way more then i have lol.