Thursday, September 29, 2011


Poverty of speech due to laziness is compensated by lots of pictures! 
Tsunami 1.26
by Janet Echelman
Art and About, Sydney
It is a fibre optic net lit up at night that hangs above the junction of George Street and Park Street
It is inspired by the Chilean earthquake of 2010 that created the Tsunami. When you look at it from the powerhouse Museum, it looks like the 3 D model of the Tsunami wave.

Artwork Ahead...... End Artwork!
Not a crash site, a piece of art with a boulder that looks like it has crushed the car!

The Challenge
Magnificient bronze bull statute at the World Square
by Alan Somerville
"The bull, a mythological beast....."
Really?! I think bulls really exist! Don't they?

Somewhere in the wetlands of Hunter Valley

The craziest thing in the neighbourhood. It is called Tongue. A place which has a huge red tongue hanging in the front, with no description. I thought it was an exclusive night club. Husband stole my words when he said it could be a lesbian bar. We do think alike, dirty minds and all!

Turns out, it is an ad agency, because they get people talking (with their tongues) about your brand. Cheesy much? Does this qualify to be one of Australia's "big things"? Like the Big Banana, Big Prawn ..... Big Tongue!

Who says He doesn't exist? Forget the image of Jesus on toast. This is better and real. It is a miracle!
Captain Jack Sparrow on our garage wall. Call it the Second Coming? Nah, must be the fifth, ominous sign of completion of the script for "The Pirates Of The Caribbean 5"
Please tell me you can see it too! Uncanny!


  1. Oh my, that first piece is like something out of a sci-fi movie! Unbelievable!

  2. Y, it is a piece of art! It looks like a huge web above you and it glows! Awesome :)

  3. Tsunami 1.26 is ah-mazing!!! I want to visit it someday!

  4. Those are some amazing photos! I love the first one :)

  5. Ki, you should visit Australia soon. I'll show you around :)
    Vinatage, thanks :) Tsunami one is unreal and beautiful!

  6. Haha, I definitely wouldn't have thought ad agency is what the tongue would be.

  7. Love the first photo. When I saw the tongue the first thing that came ti mind was lesbian night club :)And the car artwork is disturbing but interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Staci, it is so crazy! Who'd have thought?!
    Pandora, that makes us feel a little sane :D

  9. Posts like this are good for my soul.

  10. Absolutely Jac! I love to post something different, albeit rarely :)