Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm burning....

... some pretty awesome candles lately! I love candles. Well, who doesn't?! But I always look for the ones that have a huge projection scent wise. I have three candles on the go right now and the way they fill the room with fragrance is pretty amazing. As I'm writing this post, I just realised that it is Diwali and we are talking of candles. So appropriate!

Archipelago Botanicals: Papaya Vanilla

I have this in a small size which burns 18+ hours. It smells pretty amazing. The papaya smells more like lemon juice drenched papaya, citrusy fresh and vanilla is so creamy! It burns pretty well with a wick that keeps going. I have been burning this candle over days, without counting the hours but I think 18 hours is a pretty good sum up. I bought it from Kit Cosmetics for $14.95

Mor Emporium Candle in Lychee Flower

The Mor candle has cracked on the rim leaving sharp edges.
I lacerated my hand.
This was a part of my massive Glosscars prize from Beautyheaven. The candle is huge and burns 40 hours! The black glass has 24k gold  pattern on it. It looks pretty great! Lychee Flower fragrance, like the perfume oil is quite sour, like sour tropical fruits like lychee, passion fruit, mango mixed in a sugary syrup. It is perfect fragrance for a candle than as a perfume. I'm impressed by how well it fills the room with fragrance in a little time. Keen to buy more in different fragrances. Costs $39

Ecoya Metro Jar in Wild Frangipani

This is huge and burs 55+ hours! Beautifully presented white candle in a glass jar. The smell is subtle and easy for the nose to get used to but just detectable when you enter the room. Frangipani smells heavenly, brings summer home even in colder months. I have a matching hand cream which is just so nourishing for my dry hands! Candle costs about $40.

I have had some candle disappointments. One that comes to mind is a Glasshouse candle. They are great in terms of projection of the scent, quality and burning time. But one particular fragrance has scarred my mind is called Caramel Vanilla, which they always burn at Peter Alexander shop. The candle has the most synthetic sugary vanilla that should NEVER be used in the bath room. Just so wrong to smell of food in there, especially of nauseating ones!

Dusk candles always disappoint me due to the poor quality. The scents are so generic. Most Dusk candles have a metallic thread around which the wick is wrapped. It separated as the candle burns and after burning them for a while I'm left with no wick. On contrary to the popular belief, 'it' has no bony skeletal structure. That applies to wicks too!

So, peeps, I'd love to get some candle suggestions. What is your favourite? Do you also feel it is wrong to have foody scents in the bathroom?!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bleu De Chanel

Bleu De Chanel, the newest men's fragrance from the house of Chanel, my husband's birthday gift this year. Hub's birthday is in early September, coincides with Father's Day (mine is in early May and coincides with Mother's Day) During that time, there is so many gifts and so many offers to choose from. This year, hub requested me to select a perfume for him as he had just ran out of his Tom Ford one. He also insisted that he should smell it first. He no longer wears whatever I get for him.

We walked into David Jones and after smelling a lot of fragrances, we landed at the Chanel counter. We smelt Bleu De Chanel. The lady at the counter told hub that it is the best selling fragrance and everyone is buying it. Hub whispered to me "Doesn't that make it less special then?!" After smelling it he said "So what? I like it!" Proud moment for me, I have taught him well. We came home with a huge 150 ml bottle of Bleu De Chanel. 

I think what hub said about perfumes in general is so true and truer in case of Bleu De Chanel. When this fragrance was out in 2010, there were some mixed reviews about the fragrance and the negative reviews were based on the fact that it did not measure up to the Chanel standards and it smelt too common and boring. Without being swayed either way by labels, looking beyond the expectations, the hype, the technicality, ingredients, blah blah blah.... whatever rocks your boat, designer, celebrity, niche, indie.... if you like it and you can afford it, buy it and wear it. 

Bleu De Chanel is a nice clean scent. It is fresh like citrus and mint, watery and cool like vetiver, cold like incense, warm like spices and resins, has it all! It is one of those perfumes that begins as something and then morphs into something else. It has a very masculine fresh vibe to it at first and then it becomes warm, still being extremely fresh. It is young, fresh and attractive.

The lasting power is super. I'm not sure how many spritzes hub uses but I can smell it at the end of the day on him, mind you, he bicycles back and forth to work. Sillage is good. I'll know hub has left for work by smelling his Bleu De Chanel even if I'm not up before he leaves. 

The bulky bottle has a magnetic cap. You can just throw the cap near the atomiser and sticks on with a click! Convenient!

Now, everybody say Awwwww.....
Look at this fine pair! Young, vibrant Bleu De Chanel of my husband and my precious bottle of Chanel Nº5 bound together by the eternal threads of Chanel. A pair made in heaven! Given the young vibe of Bleu De Chanel and the "old lady" reputation of Nº5, should I say cougar and the cub?!
The Cub and The Cougar

Friday, October 21, 2011

I baked Pao de Queijo: Brazilian Cheese Bread

I baked Pao de Queijo yesterday! I am a terrible cook and baking anything is so out of my league. As a part of my "Things to do before 30" I have been trying things I wanted to do for a long time. Most of it includes brushing up on my Astronomy skills, learning Quantum Physics (properly and systematically this time), growing my nails and food wise, baking and trying to learn new cuisines! Something what Frasier might have done, only I'm keeping it real and not writing my obituary.
Pao de Queijo, also known as Brazilian cheese bread! I tasted Brazilian food for the first time a few weeks ago with my friend Stacey. Until then I hadn't even thought that Brazil had a cuisine! I really enjoyed it and thought I'd try my hand at what looked simple enough to bake. Pao de Queijo.

I followed this recipe, but used Colby cheese instead of Parmesan coz that was what I had at home. I used gluten free flour (which is tapioca based along with rice and potato starch) instead of tapioca flour.
melting cheese in milk
Mess, just the way I like!

It turned out well, not so fluffy and round, but really delish. We are it with Tabasco sauce.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Maison Martin Margiela (untitled)

Maison Martin Margiela, what a mouthful! Being challenged even in everyday fashion, not surprisingly, I was totally unaware of the international fashion brand, until I saw this fabulous display at Myer (pictured below). The sales rep was very enthusiastic to tell me all about the brand, when I asked her "Maison, What?!!" MMM is apparently a huge name in fashion. The first perfume from the house is just released in Australia, along with L'Eau, a fresher version.
Website: Galbanum, Boxwood, Bitter Orange
Lentisk resinoid, Jasmine
Musk, Cedarwood, Incense
(untitled) is inspired by "smell of grass just after a rain". I can feel the grass, the rain and the freshness in it. I really like it. I have been wearing this perfume from a sample for 3 days now, enough to gather my thoughts about it.

(untitled) is a beautiful green perfume that is light enough for summer and pleasantly dense. It starts off with an incense laden galbanum.  It is intense to begin with but rapidly softens on my skin. My experience with galbanum is a strange one. When I play with Galbanum essential oil, it turns "oily" on me. Yes, oily! That is the best I can explain the heaviness I feel. Galbanum is the reason why some perfumes don't work on me (like Chanel Nº19 and Poudre version). Galbanum in (untitled) starts off exactly with that same oiliness but quickly turns into an aromatic powder. Lovely transformation! I love the herbal, green, aromatic, powdery galbanum in (untitled) combined with the coldness of incense. (Lentisk/mastic is another note included that I have been hearing in quite a few places lately. The new Sisley for men, Eau d'Ikar also has it. Need to research this note)

Once the green phase tones down, it diffuses into fine woody musk, very sheer and skin like with gentle floral undertones and still has a cold trace of incense. This blissful combination lies on the skin like perfumed veil. The staying power is great, though the silage is close to skin. It is most definitely unisex. I think it makes a great summer perfume, fresh, light and tender.

L'Eau another release from MMM is a fresher, clean lime/lemony citrus scent that would please the citrus lovers. I prefer the original. The wow factor of (untitled) is in its simplicity creating a classic, clean smell that feels inspired. It is effortlessly elegant. Worthy of a full bottle. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Anthem Reviews: Rebecca and Sophie

Where were these hiding?!! The last two of my Sweet Anthem samples, part 3 of Sweet Anthem reviews.
Sweet Anthem is having a Grand Opening Party of their new store in Seattle. I wish I could go!
Rebecca and oil stained label of Sophie!
REBECCA A perfectly ghostly way to go... the deepest black oud and smoke, mulled with a harvest blend of honey and amber, and livened with ginger and cranberry. Candied pears, Texas flowers, and late summer blooms are strewn throughout.

Rebecca is a fruity Oud. In the bottle, all I smell is honey and amber, light and sweet. Then emerges the oud, in the strength that makes me want to smell it more. The oud note smells exactly like the Black Agar base blend that I have from Perfumer's Apprentice, only made better and 'perfume-y' still preserving the complexity. It wears beautifully. Oud is complimented by sweetness which goes well with the depth. The sweetness is short lived but still gracefully present in till the end. Drydown is all oud on me with hints of sweet amber. How I love it! 

SOPHIE For the last of the red hot dames. A veritable pastiche of plummy, deep fruit, smoky blossoms, and expensive woods with a golden crown of amber on the dry down.  Agarwood, Amber, Benzoin, Black Currant, Black Tea, Neroli

From the opening till the end, Sophie is all about Neroli. It is green, fresh and invigorating! Neroli becomes more floral as it develops on the skin. It must be the tea that makes it fresher and a little bitter. I can't differentiate any of the other notes. I think it is a good thing as the other things would have weighed it down. Sophie is a so fresh and green that it feels like fresh spring air. It is a clean orange blossom scent. Perfect for hotter months and smells quite unisex. 

Now that I'm done reviewing the samples, time to plunge in and order full sizes. I am surely including Anastasia, Rebecca and something else that I'm forgetting. Will have to look through and decide!

Friday, October 14, 2011

BPAL Bordello: New vs Aged

Bordello 2010 vs 2004
Ars Amatoria 
Love Potions
General Catalogue
"A decadent, deep perfume, lusty and luxuriant. The scent evokes images of velvet-lined Old West cathouses, tightly laced corsets, rustling petticoats and coquettish snarls of pleasure. Bawdy plum with amaretto, burgundy wine and black currant."

It is generally believed that perfume oils get better with age, something like wine. I've heard that people buy oils just to age them so that they wear well. I have seen aged oils sell for higher prices on eBay. All you have to do to age them is just leave them alone, store in a cool dark place.

In my experience, I have definitely found that the perfume oils in my collection that are older smell different. By different I mean, they do retain all the goodness but smell more rounded and softer as they age. For example, Patchouli smells better when aged. As it ages, it becomes less of a 'head shop' smell. The quality improves. I have a bottle of pure Patchouli oil that I have been ageing since 3 years. Another one I can think of is BPAL's Snake Oil. It is a lot sharper when it is fresh. As it ages, it loses the sharpness and becomes this powdery, soft perfume. I'm craving for a bottle of fresh Snake Oil like crazy. I feel an order coming! 

Most of the oils I have are one offs and the comparison of aged vs new is just by memory. But I'm a little too excited to have got my hands on a stash of BPAL Tarted Imps which are well aged perfume oils. Now I can compare a few of them side by side. So putting the theory of ageing oils to test, here goes my comparison of new versus aged.

The new Bordello imp is of 2010. It was in my very first BPAL order. I remember buying Bordello just for the amaretto note. Quoting myself from a year ago 
"Really lovely plums and berries in almond liqueur, it is sweet, soft, creamy and very edible! The black currants are very juicy and unmissable.  It is a wonderful fragrance" 
I feel exactly the same about it now. The plum, black currant and wine make a fruity concoction which is soft, but not sharp. I don't have much luck with the fruity notes of the Lab but this is really good. The almond liqueur is awesome and goes very well with the fruits making them boozier than fruity. 

Tarted Imp of Bordello had about 1/4th of a ml left in the it, just enough to test.  It is aged 7 years + That should make some changes to the oil. All the tarted imps I got are well preserved. They are not 'off' or rancid due to the age. So is Bordello. I can smell that it is old, in a good way. Fits the description of velvet and dustiness very well. The amaretto is not boozy at all. The almond is mild and present just in the background.  The fruits and wine are so well mixed that I can't tell them apart, making Bordello rounder and fruitier. I do miss the amaretto note in the aged one. Overall effect is more perfume-y than foody, very surprising. I prefer the new one for the ameretto note and the aged for the wearability.

The differences between new vs aged are very noticeable. Some notes maybe more 'volatile' than others, which are lost with ageing and some mix and merge with each other beautifully. Now I'm eager to age like never before!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Natio Meditate Natural Perfume: Champa Attar

I quite like Natio makeup and skincare, the blushes and lipsticks are amazing and cheap. I'm not sure if these perfume oils are new or have been around for a while, but I only spotted them at the pharmacy a week ago. The Meditate range of perfume oils looks good, they come in 6 different fragrances (Bakhur, Champa, Blue Lotus, Pink Lotus, Khus, Jasmine). They are all natural essential oil blends. I picked up the Champa one, based on the Champaca flower, which I absolutely love to smell in fragrances.
Natio Mediate Natural Perfume oil display at pharmacy
Champa Attar: It is a soliflore of Champaca, basically a blend of the essential oil of Chapamca in Jojoba oil/Wheatgerm oil. It smells truly and wonderfully of the real flower, dense, heady, powdery, sweet and just mind blowing! It begins off with a great intensity of the essential oil, almost headachy, then fades away into mildness and disappears into nothingness after just a few hours. I wish I could make it last in the mild stage which captures the true beauty of the flower without being too overwhelming. Champaca absolute is very expensive (about $150 for just 5 mls) and may be used in very small quantities in this blend. The lasting power (or the absence of it) must have something to do with the weakness of the blend or the lack of a fixative or it maybe just my skin, I don't know.

It costs $9.95 (cost of 2 coffees, winner!) which was the reason why I bought it. Comes in a roll-on amber coloured, plastic bottle with 12mls in it. Unbeatable price, unbeatable smell, the truest champaca I have smelt due to the use of the essential oil but the staying power is a pity. Natio also has a range of body washes/lotions/butters in the Meditate range. I might buy them if I find them on sale somewhere. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Burning Incense

I have grown up with a lot of incense around me. I don't remember a day when incense wasn't burnt at our traditional South Indian home. Incense sticks are burnt everyday, whereas the real solid resinous incense is reserved for special occasions. Incense has always fascinated me, for the smell and the way it burns. I have done my fair share of incense burning. I'm so conditioned to incense that even my young nose could tell from far what particular incense was being burnt!

What is Incense? 
Incense is a resin. It is a sap from the tree bark that solidifies into a crystalline mass and burns readily to emit fragrant fumes. The type of incense depends on the species of the tree. 
The kinds of incense that I'm familiar with are Benzoin resin, Halmaddi, Guggul, Frankincense. They all differ in colour and lump shape/size and of course smell different, each have their won characteristic odour. My favourite is the Benzoin resin which has the most beautiful dense smell and when burnt, the smokiness just makes it heavenly!

Why burn Incense?
'Cause it smells good! There are a whole lot of religious, cultural, medicinal significance both in the West and East. Looking past the relevance or irrelevance of all those things, burning incense has some practical uses. It makes the home smell good, eliminates odours and keeps the flies away! Burning a few incense sticks creates a great ambience for dinner parties. Some people run the smoke of the incense through freshly washed hair. I've had it done to me once and it was an awesome feeling, warm, smoky and so fragrant! It is a treat for women who have just had babies!

How to burn Incense?
Incense is traditionally burnt over red hot charcoal. This is the best way to burn it. You can buy charcoal from many places, just google. eBay has many kinds of self igniting charcoal discs. If you can't get it, you can make your own.

If you read till the end, I have a super easy way to burn it, without charcoal!  Just read on*

How to make your own charcoal? 
You need not be a genius to burn wood! Only you should be fire safe. I have tried making charcoal in various different ways. The best way would be to burn dry mulch (try hardware store or gardening aisle of supermarket) Don't use the ones that are already on the plant bed, wet mulch doesn't burn. Duh!

Another way to do it is by using coconut shell, after trimming off the fibre. It burns well and easy to use. 

Once you get hold of mulch or coconut kernel, ignite a few chips with a match stick and let them burn till they turn black. The backyard or any open place is safe to burn, not safe indoors or near dry grass or inflammable substances. As it is burning and becomes black, put it out and blow hard or fan it till it becomes red and starts to smoke a bit. Blowing it makes it red hot and ready to use for incense burning. You can store the cooled black chips for future use, they burn readily on reignition.
It is best to keep the hot charcoal on a fire proof surface. Try incense burner made of metal or clay. Even a porcelain oil burner would do.

Just sprinkle incense on the red hot charcoal and it fumes up. Keep blowing to keep the charcoal alive.

I recently got hold of some Omani Frankincense called Hajori at a cultural exchange meet. Hajori is very special in Oman and is a high quality frankincense. Bigger the crystals and lighter in colour, the more expensive they are. I put my incense burning skills to test after a long time!
The Hajori Incense came with an earthen incense burner, handy. 

Hajori Frankincense from Oman, looks like it also has some kind of dry herbs in it.

Incense Sticks:
This is the easiest way to burn incense. Incense sticks have a bamboo stick upon which a paste of fragrant material and a combustible charcoal base is rolled. Light it up till an ember forms and smokes. A good incense stick burns for hours, is uniformly rolled and very fragrant because of the concentration of the mixture.
Cheap incense sticks, which are not very good.
But I bought it for the wooden box ($6 at The Reject Shop)

Nag Champa, by far the most popular Indian incense in the west,
made famous by pop culture. Srinivas Sugandhalaya is the most famous brand for Nag Champa. $2 from The Reject Shop
 The address on the pack is the suburb next to our own, back home!
Incense Cones:
They don't have a stick base. They are moulded on self igniting charcoal, which is strong enough to burn on its own. It usually comes with a base for it to stand on. Costs $1 for 10 pieces at cheap shops.
Incense Cone on a porcelain base
*Burning resinous incense, the easiest way:
Now that you have met the incense cone, I'll tell you the easiest way to burn incense without charcoal. Put the incense over a burning cone or two! That way, the cone itself acts as a combustible base because it has a lot of charcoal in it! The incense smokes up real good and it gets mixed with the smell of burning cone! A plus!
Frankincense burning with incense cone

Where to get Incense from?
Resinous incense is not readily available here. You can buy it online but to be honest, I haven't ventured into that yet. I know that Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab/Trading Post sell a limited amount of incense resin in huge bottles through their Etsy store. Nocturne Alchemy also has incense in limited edition perfumes. 

Cheap incense sticks: Spot incense sticks at Hippie/Head shops, Tree of Life, Oxfam Shop, even cheap places like The Reject Shop and Go Lo. Unfortunately, getting hold of good quality incense sticks is hard in Australia. Cheap incense sticks smell like nothing but a stick burning.

Some great incense sticks of good quality can be bought on Scent Addict.

Incense Paper or Papier d'Armenie by Francis Kurkdjian can be bought on Lucky Scent
Comme des Gracons have some great incense sticks.
There are numerous incense based perfumes, too many to name but Guerlain's Bois d'Armenie is a fabulous scent that is inspired by burning benzoin paper (Papier d'Armenie, which was used ages ago to preserve meat in the pre refrigerator era in France). Bois d'armenie is pure awesomeness! Full bottle is on my wish list.

There are some kinds of 'herbal' incenses that are smoked to get high. These are sold as 'legal weed' with supposed psychedelic effects. I have no idea what they have in them and what they do to you!

Word of caution: Be fire safe and smart. Sensibility is a must when handling fire, smoke and such things, which can turn dangerous in minutes. Do all the charcoal experiments outdoors, away from inflammable things. Smoke from incense can set off the fire alarm. The smoke, ash, embers, charcoal are hot substances that can cause burns. Keep away from plastic, wood, paper, clothing, carpets. Never leave anything burning unattended. Wow, the fire safety class did teach me a thing or two!

So, are you a fan of burning incense? Have you tried incense sticks or incense resin? Love to hear your thoughts! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting Organised: Labeling and Storing Perfume Oils

When I woke up yesterday, I knew I was coming down with something. The cleaning bug! I am a fairly neat person but I go through phases of being freakishly neat and sometimes, well, not so much! The balance can tilt to laziness very soon which makes my things look a little messy. My husband thinks I am Level 1 on Clutter-Hoarding Scale. I am not! If you have to know, there is an order in my mess. I can point out to what I want with my eyes closed and I never loose things!

Yesterday I was in cleaning mode, full blown. I spent till midday, scrubbing the bathroom tiles off the soap scum and mildew, making everything sparkling. When the yellow gloves finally came off, I tackled two loads of laundry, just upholstery, curtains, carpets and stuff. I began moving the furniture, vacuuming inside out and in between things. At the end of all the hard work, the best way to relax was to shower and go to my tiny mountain is perfume oils because they needed a lot of organising.

I have very little closet space and there is just one shelf in the wardrobe for perfume oils, one for makeup and one for all the big perfume bottles. I can fit in things there but the problem is that I can't see and reach out to the particular one I want. If you remember from my post last year, I bought a huge wooden box to store my perfume oils. Here is the picture of it. It is great for transporting perfumes but not so great for using because it is just too big and occupies a lot of space and the lid is not so practical if I have to keep opening and closing it every single time.

A while ago, I bought a smaller box. A tin box full of biscuits for $5 from KMart! After polishing off the bikkies (over a few days, in my defense) I was left with the very useful, compact, lightweight box to store my perfume oils.

Labeling: Everyone who is organised label their perfume bottles. I have been meaning to do it since a long time! Finally, I got the labels ($3 for 700 round adhesive labels at KMart). Yesterday, I started labeling them.

Getting started to label
Okay, I will say it. It is a Mont Blanc pen and I am showing it off!
Half way through
Finally when everything was labeled, they went into the tin box. The bottles took half the space in the box. I did not take it as a sign that I need more so I can fill the box up!

A cardboard to partition the box to keep other oils/miniatures.

Storing 1 ml sample vials and Imps:
I like to store my vials upright, to prevent leakage. I curl the label of the vials around its body, so that it sits well and easy to pick up. I just use tiny cardboard boxes and fill the vials in. One little box fits 30 to 35 vials.
The black cap ones are Haus of Gloi vials. The box on the right has BPAL Imps. The remaining are of various perfume oil companies.
Scent by the Sea samples. Tangled mess, needs a lot of detangling!

Finally all my perfume oils are arranged. Before/After pics for you!
What a mess!
Feels good! Everything is within my reach.
The box below has some oils I hardly use.
I am impressed about how well it looks. Neat and clean. I can see the perfume bottles and easily pick up what I want. Labeling helps heaps!

The muslin bags you see in the Before pic are my spray samples. I still have them and the big bottles to organise. Task for another day.

My friend, Michelle (a brand new blogger on the block, follow her for fabulous Indie makeup and perfumes!) has a special way to store samples oils. She sews elastic in such a way that it can fit the samples really well. Something like a bullet belt! We will have to persuade her to write a post about it!

Just wondering how everyone else stores their perfume oils. Do you do in some special way? Shoot me with ideas!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Annick Goutal: Songes

Annick Goutal Songes
15ml EDT dab-on bottle
Came in a golden muslin bag with beautiful golden tassles...
...goes so well with my pearls!

Notes according to the Annick Goutal Website:Frangipani, Tiare flower, Sambac jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang absolute, olibanum, French vanilla absolute, sandalwood, amber

I am absolutely blown away by Songes! Songes in French means to dream. Describing Songes is like figuring out a dream, a dream that conjures up all my best memories surrounding jasmine, frangipani. According to the story, Camille Goutal wanted to immortalise her experience of smelling fresh frangipani at night in Mauritius. It was created in 2005 in collaboration with Isabelle Doyen. 

Songes is an utterly mesmerising floral: a bouquet of white flowers, blooming in their full glory! At first, I get fresh frangipani and jasmine. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the best Jasmine I have ever smelt. Most perfumes with predominating Jasmine note smell either like a mangled floral mess to me or the jasmine is so sharp that it turns harsh (hello Jasmine EO!). Songes is neither. It has a beautiful jasmine note that captures exactly the smell of fresh jasmine blossoms! Farngipani and Tiare flower add a beautiful tropicalness to it. The flowers are so fresh that I can smell the greenness of the stem, like they are freshly plucked! The base is complementing to the florals, dense but not heavy. 
The bottle I have is an EDT in a dab on bottle. Most Annick Goutals, especially EDTs last just for a couple of hours on me. But Songes EDT lasts and lasts! Quite impressed!

I'm not a big fan of florals in general, but I love Songes. It is so lush, clean and just heavenly. It is intoxicating, in a good way and does not turn into an overbearing floral. It is so soft, full, something like silk! It is very feminine, elegant and very refined. It would be fitting to wear Songes with pearls and a silk dress, sipping champagne on a romantic summer night! 

I bought the miniature at La Boutique ($15 for 15 mls)  David Jones has the entire line, I go there to sniff and try different Annick Goutals. Stawberrynet also stocks the line. (Songes EDT 50 mls is $90, EDP 50 mls is $103) If you love florals or hate florals, this is a must sniff!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Colour Blocking with Eyeliner

I am so behind in catching up with writing and reading blogs. Till I get on top of everything, to keep you entertained, here is a makeup post! Yay!

I have been seeing colour everywhere in fashion this season. I like to wear colouful clothes, but just one bright colour at a time, maybe. Colour blocking is something that doesn't make me feel good or confident or slim! But colourful makeup works for me! I love bright colours. They are fun. Without going over the top with bright eyeshadows, I am playing with colourful eyeliners. The more colours used at a time, more fun! All I need to brighten my day, not to mention people notice and comment!

I usually skip the eyeshadow when I use bright liners. I am not a genius with brushes and blending, so eyeliners work very well for me. All I use is an eyeliner brush and foil the powder eyeshadows (great way to use up my samples!) or plain old eyeliner pencil to draw a line!

This was the look I wore to meet some girlfriends for shopping in June. I have to say, I was ahead of the trend with colour blocking! 
What I used
Top lashline: NYX Jumbo pencil in Electric Blue
Waterline and lower lashline: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple Velvet and Mirenesse eye/lip duo in black. 
I have a love- hate relationship with Jumbo Pencils. They smudge, crease and are messy. But They work alright when used as liners. I love the stunning colour effect!

Rainbow Eyeliner 
Something I would wear on a weekend or for the night. A little too bright, but love the pink eyeliner!
What I used
Foiled powder shadows
Pink: Fyrinnae Christmas Tree
Purple: Yaby Pearl Paint Eggplant
Blue: Yaby Pearl Paint Butterfly Blue
Medial Canthus: NYX Jumbo Pencil in French Fries
Lower lashline: Savvy by DB waterproof pencil liner in green 
Mascara: Clinique High Lengths

This is probably my favourite!
Aqua: Essence longwear eyeliner 
Blue: Pure Luxe Boy Toy (foiled)
Lower lid: SmashBox Eyeliner Pencil in Amethyst, smudged with Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in black
Benefit BadGal Mascara

Blue and Pink
Top lashline: Ben Nye cream colour in Cosmic Blue (believe me, it is much more bluer than it appears here)
Lower Lashline: Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in black
Hi Fi Eclipsed by the Sun 
Ben Nye powder pigment in Cosmic Violet (My favourite Purple in the whole wide world!)
Benefit BadGal Mascara

Face of the day with some bright eyeliners!
Eyes: Ben Nye cream colour in Jade
Lower lid: Ben Nye cream colour in Cosmic Blue
Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in black on waterline
Clinique High Lengths Masacara
Face of Australia Photo Finish creme to power compact foundation (Thanks Jac, it is awesome!)
Palladio rice powder
Cheeks: NARS Angelika Multiple
(Gorgeous bright pink with golden shimmer)
Lips: Dior Serum de Rouge in (Pink something)

So, do you like colour blocking with eyeliner?! I think it is cool!