Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Annick Goutal: Songes

Annick Goutal Songes
15ml EDT dab-on bottle
Came in a golden muslin bag with beautiful golden tassles...
...goes so well with my pearls!

Notes according to the Annick Goutal Website:Frangipani, Tiare flower, Sambac jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang absolute, olibanum, French vanilla absolute, sandalwood, amber

I am absolutely blown away by Songes! Songes in French means to dream. Describing Songes is like figuring out a dream, a dream that conjures up all my best memories surrounding jasmine, frangipani. According to the story, Camille Goutal wanted to immortalise her experience of smelling fresh frangipani at night in Mauritius. It was created in 2005 in collaboration with Isabelle Doyen. 

Songes is an utterly mesmerising floral: a bouquet of white flowers, blooming in their full glory! At first, I get fresh frangipani and jasmine. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the best Jasmine I have ever smelt. Most perfumes with predominating Jasmine note smell either like a mangled floral mess to me or the jasmine is so sharp that it turns harsh (hello Jasmine EO!). Songes is neither. It has a beautiful jasmine note that captures exactly the smell of fresh jasmine blossoms! Farngipani and Tiare flower add a beautiful tropicalness to it. The flowers are so fresh that I can smell the greenness of the stem, like they are freshly plucked! The base is complementing to the florals, dense but not heavy. 
The bottle I have is an EDT in a dab on bottle. Most Annick Goutals, especially EDTs last just for a couple of hours on me. But Songes EDT lasts and lasts! Quite impressed!

I'm not a big fan of florals in general, but I love Songes. It is so lush, clean and just heavenly. It is intoxicating, in a good way and does not turn into an overbearing floral. It is so soft, full, something like silk! It is very feminine, elegant and very refined. It would be fitting to wear Songes with pearls and a silk dress, sipping champagne on a romantic summer night! 

I bought the miniature at La Boutique ($15 for 15 mls)  David Jones has the entire line, I go there to sniff and try different Annick Goutals. Stawberrynet also stocks the line. (Songes EDT 50 mls is $90, EDP 50 mls is $103) If you love florals or hate florals, this is a must sniff!


  1. I like some floral, dislike some. Songes sounds interesting, glad you like it!



  2. Sounds lovely once again I am inspired to go have a sniff :)

  3. Jacq, me too! I don't like floral generally, not invariably as it turns out!

    Sugarpuffish, Go have a whiff! You may like it :)

  4. Sounds like such a luxurious and divine perfume! I really love miniature perfumes, they're so cute!

  5. I know exactly what you mean by finding the perfect jasmine.Jasmine is a difficult note to capture. In some perfumes it's, how do i put it, quite "cold" e.g. Alien and in others too sharp and reminds me of jasmine hair oil. I'm glad you found your perfect Jasmine :)Songes sounds enchanting :)

  6. Rose, I'm a big fan of minis! You get the good stuff in cute bottles and I can actually use them up :)

    Pandora, yeah, some jasmines make me cringe! Your hair oil reference reminds me of Parachute jasmine scented one, it is so strong!

  7. Jasmine is out for me. I love jasmine tea, but in perfume, it just kills me! I'm glad you found a perfume that you love :D I think it's so interesting when you find the one you love in a genre you usually dislike.

  8. Larie, Jasmine tea reminds me of Jasmine Ice Cream! I recently had it and it was so fragrant! A good jasmine perfume is hard to find :)

  9. Great review Su! I've have Songes too & love it. Such a sweet yet delicate perfume. :-)

  10. Thanks Kellstar :) Songes is awesome, isn't it?!

  11. Wow this sounds like THE perfect summer scent!!!

  12. Jade, absolutely! Would be great for summer nights or days :)