Monday, October 24, 2011

Bleu De Chanel

Bleu De Chanel, the newest men's fragrance from the house of Chanel, my husband's birthday gift this year. Hub's birthday is in early September, coincides with Father's Day (mine is in early May and coincides with Mother's Day) During that time, there is so many gifts and so many offers to choose from. This year, hub requested me to select a perfume for him as he had just ran out of his Tom Ford one. He also insisted that he should smell it first. He no longer wears whatever I get for him.

We walked into David Jones and after smelling a lot of fragrances, we landed at the Chanel counter. We smelt Bleu De Chanel. The lady at the counter told hub that it is the best selling fragrance and everyone is buying it. Hub whispered to me "Doesn't that make it less special then?!" After smelling it he said "So what? I like it!" Proud moment for me, I have taught him well. We came home with a huge 150 ml bottle of Bleu De Chanel. 

I think what hub said about perfumes in general is so true and truer in case of Bleu De Chanel. When this fragrance was out in 2010, there were some mixed reviews about the fragrance and the negative reviews were based on the fact that it did not measure up to the Chanel standards and it smelt too common and boring. Without being swayed either way by labels, looking beyond the expectations, the hype, the technicality, ingredients, blah blah blah.... whatever rocks your boat, designer, celebrity, niche, indie.... if you like it and you can afford it, buy it and wear it. 

Bleu De Chanel is a nice clean scent. It is fresh like citrus and mint, watery and cool like vetiver, cold like incense, warm like spices and resins, has it all! It is one of those perfumes that begins as something and then morphs into something else. It has a very masculine fresh vibe to it at first and then it becomes warm, still being extremely fresh. It is young, fresh and attractive.

The lasting power is super. I'm not sure how many spritzes hub uses but I can smell it at the end of the day on him, mind you, he bicycles back and forth to work. Sillage is good. I'll know hub has left for work by smelling his Bleu De Chanel even if I'm not up before he leaves. 

The bulky bottle has a magnetic cap. You can just throw the cap near the atomiser and sticks on with a click! Convenient!

Now, everybody say Awwwww.....
Look at this fine pair! Young, vibrant Bleu De Chanel of my husband and my precious bottle of Chanel Nº5 bound together by the eternal threads of Chanel. A pair made in heaven! Given the young vibe of Bleu De Chanel and the "old lady" reputation of Nº5, should I say cougar and the cub?!
The Cub and The Cougar


  1. This is my husband's current perfume as well! :) And I love it on him :D

  2. Be careful Ki, don't let him smell so good :D

  3. I see what you mean, especially in France where he has to kiss everyone he meets on the cheek :P

  4. That's it! No more Bleu De Chanel for him =D

  5. Awww!Cute post.The perfume sounds lovely. How lucky for you and hubby to have your birthdays on father's/mother's day lol What are the odds of that happening :)Lucky baby elephant.He wont have to buy additional mother's/father's day presents :P

  6. Hahaha Su, loved this post :) And I totally agree! If you like the perfume and you can afford it - go for it :)

  7. will have to check this one out especially since I am racking my brains for Christmas ideas

  8. It sounds nice :) I tend to like men's scents :-p

  9. Pandora, lol yeah Baby Elephant is lucky indeed :) But we miss out on presents! Only as long as we stay in this country coz those days are celebrated in different months else where. Time to move?!! :D

    Larie, glad you like! So easy to get carried away by all the hype surrounding a product. As long as one likes it....

    Sarah, this would make a great gift for sure!

    Vintage, I'm sure it will smell good on you too :)

  10. Aww, I like the story of your perfume shopping with him. Glad you two can go together :) I've never smelled this (that I know of at least!) so I'll have to check it out next time I'm at Macy's.

  11. My favourite fragrance to have come out of recent years i this gem. It is fresh enough for me to wear in summer, but heavy enough for going out. It is also a nice change from the old school classic fragrances that remind me far too much of my principal from primary school, yuck. It also has an interesting mix of notes - pink peppercorn, nutmeg, ginger and citrus make the fragrance well balanced. It also wears very well and last a long while on the skin. I especially love the magnetic cap of the bottle, a nice Chanel touch.