Saturday, October 1, 2011

Colour Blocking with Eyeliner

I am so behind in catching up with writing and reading blogs. Till I get on top of everything, to keep you entertained, here is a makeup post! Yay!

I have been seeing colour everywhere in fashion this season. I like to wear colouful clothes, but just one bright colour at a time, maybe. Colour blocking is something that doesn't make me feel good or confident or slim! But colourful makeup works for me! I love bright colours. They are fun. Without going over the top with bright eyeshadows, I am playing with colourful eyeliners. The more colours used at a time, more fun! All I need to brighten my day, not to mention people notice and comment!

I usually skip the eyeshadow when I use bright liners. I am not a genius with brushes and blending, so eyeliners work very well for me. All I use is an eyeliner brush and foil the powder eyeshadows (great way to use up my samples!) or plain old eyeliner pencil to draw a line!

This was the look I wore to meet some girlfriends for shopping in June. I have to say, I was ahead of the trend with colour blocking! 
What I used
Top lashline: NYX Jumbo pencil in Electric Blue
Waterline and lower lashline: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple Velvet and Mirenesse eye/lip duo in black. 
I have a love- hate relationship with Jumbo Pencils. They smudge, crease and are messy. But They work alright when used as liners. I love the stunning colour effect!

Rainbow Eyeliner 
Something I would wear on a weekend or for the night. A little too bright, but love the pink eyeliner!
What I used
Foiled powder shadows
Pink: Fyrinnae Christmas Tree
Purple: Yaby Pearl Paint Eggplant
Blue: Yaby Pearl Paint Butterfly Blue
Medial Canthus: NYX Jumbo Pencil in French Fries
Lower lashline: Savvy by DB waterproof pencil liner in green 
Mascara: Clinique High Lengths

This is probably my favourite!
Aqua: Essence longwear eyeliner 
Blue: Pure Luxe Boy Toy (foiled)
Lower lid: SmashBox Eyeliner Pencil in Amethyst, smudged with Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in black
Benefit BadGal Mascara

Blue and Pink
Top lashline: Ben Nye cream colour in Cosmic Blue (believe me, it is much more bluer than it appears here)
Lower Lashline: Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in black
Hi Fi Eclipsed by the Sun 
Ben Nye powder pigment in Cosmic Violet (My favourite Purple in the whole wide world!)
Benefit BadGal Mascara

Face of the day with some bright eyeliners!
Eyes: Ben Nye cream colour in Jade
Lower lid: Ben Nye cream colour in Cosmic Blue
Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in black on waterline
Clinique High Lengths Masacara
Face of Australia Photo Finish creme to power compact foundation (Thanks Jac, it is awesome!)
Palladio rice powder
Cheeks: NARS Angelika Multiple
(Gorgeous bright pink with golden shimmer)
Lips: Dior Serum de Rouge in (Pink something)

So, do you like colour blocking with eyeliner?! I think it is cool!


  1. Gorgeous, Su! I love the bright colors, they are so vibrant and fun! Also - your eyebrows are perfect!

  2. Thanks Larie :) I actually have something like a monobrow, I do a lot of plucking!

  3. I really like this idea! I like bright liner but am yet to use it as you have above, I will definitely be giving this a go. Pardon my ignorance, could you explain foiled shadows to me? Thanks:) x

  4. Hey Emma, Foiling means making the powder eyeshadow 'wet' and using it as eyeshadow or eyeliner. It brings out the colours and makes it long lasting. I simply use a wet brush and dip it in the powder or rub over solid eyeshadow. I recently got Q Voe eyeliner transforming thingy which is better than water. Yet to try it. Inglot also make one of those things. HTH :)
    Give it a go :) Looking forward to it! x

  5. You look gorgeous in the FOTD :-) my favourite liner looks are the rainbow look and the blue and pink!

  6. I love the rainbow. They're not colours that would work for me, but they look great on you. I'm thinking that I might have to try something similar with green, yellow and orange. :)

  7. Thanks Alice <3
    I think those colours will look really great on you! Can't wait for your EOTD :)

  8. Loving these looks. The first one is my favorite. You have gorgeous eyes. Really fun FOTD. Angelika looks great on you. It's one of my fav pink blushes.

  9. Oooh! I love what you did! The pink, purple turquoise one's my favorite!

  10. This is very fun and funky a really simple thing to do to just brighten things up

  11. i haven't really been the biggest fan of colored eyeliner but you make it look really good. LOVE the first picture

  12. Pandora, thank you! I love Angelika, it's so bright. Good thing is you can go light and build it up to your liking :)

    VijiiS, thanks :)

    Sugarpuffish, thanks, it really brightens everything!

    osxg33kgirl, give it a go! It really stands out :)

  13. I'm loving this cosmetic take on the colour blocking trend! The rainbow is my favourite too :)

  14. Thank you :) I really need some inpiration for clothes now!

  15. Oh yeah Su! Look at you hot mumma :) Loving the bright of the eyeliner against your skin - so pretty!

  16. I love it Su, you're making me want to play with my makeup again!

  17. Thanka Jade :) I really hope your skin clears up soon, so that you can wear makeup again!

  18. That's such a cool idea! I would never have thought about doing that myself...You are an awesome trendsetter! :)

  19. Thanks Joan :) Not so much of a trendsetter I think! I have seen many bloggers/YTers play with eyeliner :)

  20. i really love this idea! have never tried it but now i want to :D cool