Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting Organised: Labeling and Storing Perfume Oils

When I woke up yesterday, I knew I was coming down with something. The cleaning bug! I am a fairly neat person but I go through phases of being freakishly neat and sometimes, well, not so much! The balance can tilt to laziness very soon which makes my things look a little messy. My husband thinks I am Level 1 on Clutter-Hoarding Scale. I am not! If you have to know, there is an order in my mess. I can point out to what I want with my eyes closed and I never loose things!

Yesterday I was in cleaning mode, full blown. I spent till midday, scrubbing the bathroom tiles off the soap scum and mildew, making everything sparkling. When the yellow gloves finally came off, I tackled two loads of laundry, just upholstery, curtains, carpets and stuff. I began moving the furniture, vacuuming inside out and in between things. At the end of all the hard work, the best way to relax was to shower and go to my tiny mountain is perfume oils because they needed a lot of organising.

I have very little closet space and there is just one shelf in the wardrobe for perfume oils, one for makeup and one for all the big perfume bottles. I can fit in things there but the problem is that I can't see and reach out to the particular one I want. If you remember from my post last year, I bought a huge wooden box to store my perfume oils. Here is the picture of it. It is great for transporting perfumes but not so great for using because it is just too big and occupies a lot of space and the lid is not so practical if I have to keep opening and closing it every single time.

A while ago, I bought a smaller box. A tin box full of biscuits for $5 from KMart! After polishing off the bikkies (over a few days, in my defense) I was left with the very useful, compact, lightweight box to store my perfume oils.

Labeling: Everyone who is organised label their perfume bottles. I have been meaning to do it since a long time! Finally, I got the labels ($3 for 700 round adhesive labels at KMart). Yesterday, I started labeling them.

Getting started to label
Okay, I will say it. It is a Mont Blanc pen and I am showing it off!
Half way through
Finally when everything was labeled, they went into the tin box. The bottles took half the space in the box. I did not take it as a sign that I need more so I can fill the box up!

A cardboard to partition the box to keep other oils/miniatures.

Storing 1 ml sample vials and Imps:
I like to store my vials upright, to prevent leakage. I curl the label of the vials around its body, so that it sits well and easy to pick up. I just use tiny cardboard boxes and fill the vials in. One little box fits 30 to 35 vials.
The black cap ones are Haus of Gloi vials. The box on the right has BPAL Imps. The remaining are of various perfume oil companies.
Scent by the Sea samples. Tangled mess, needs a lot of detangling!

Finally all my perfume oils are arranged. Before/After pics for you!
What a mess!
Feels good! Everything is within my reach.
The box below has some oils I hardly use.
I am impressed about how well it looks. Neat and clean. I can see the perfume bottles and easily pick up what I want. Labeling helps heaps!

The muslin bags you see in the Before pic are my spray samples. I still have them and the big bottles to organise. Task for another day.

My friend, Michelle (a brand new blogger on the block, follow her for fabulous Indie makeup and perfumes!) has a special way to store samples oils. She sews elastic in such a way that it can fit the samples really well. Something like a bullet belt! We will have to persuade her to write a post about it!

Just wondering how everyone else stores their perfume oils. Do you do in some special way? Shoot me with ideas!


  1. Um, is it wrong that the "before" picture still looks pretty organized to me?

  2. Liber Vix, I am in agreeance with you. The before looked nice! But you have much more room now so thats a good thing. I need to expand into indie perfume samples, expand the mind

  3. LOL, girls! The in the before pic, it was just impractical to get through the stuff and find things. I never used most of the oils (with the golden caps). It is much more practical now :) Emma, you are right, I love the extra room :)

  4. That's quite a collection! I don't have very many, so I just store them in a little jewellery box and bigger perfume bottles on my vanity. x

  5. Rocaille, I didn't know the size of my collection until I saw them all together! Jewellery boxes is a great idea for storage :)

  6. Your before is also pretty organised, butnI love the bad :-) I have no organisation whatsoever!

  7. My inner neat freak is in love with you right now lol we sound very similar I can be messy but then I hit a point where I can tolerate it no longer and I turn into a neat freak.

  8. Ki, I'm sure you do. I've seen your OOTD pics, your house is most definitely not shabby!

    Sugarpuffish, we are twins :D

  9. Lovely, Su! I just keep mine in a wooden box XD My full perfume bottles are on my dresser. I don't have nearly as many, though!

  10. I love the way you store everything! It's nicely organized, and cute. :)

  11. Good job Su!! Even your before looks nice :)

  12. Larie, wooden boxes are really useful to store perfumes!

    Vintage and Harshleen, thanks!

    On the topic of dressers, I am jealous of those who have a dresser. I wish I had one, would make life a lot easier!

  13. You are truly a perfume lover, I can tell. I love how neat it looks now!

  14. Thank you! I do love perfumes :)

  15. oh my golly your collection is huge! I'm notorious for chucking things out - anti-clutter/hoarding right here hehe - and admittedly, have regretted on occasions after throwing a rarely used perfume bottle/makeup away =( I can't bare to see things I don't use just laying around. I store my perfumes in a Lush gift box. They make sturdy (and pretty) cardboard gift boxes.

  16. Em, you sound like a perfect de clutterer :) I have not seen the Lush gift boxes. I will surely look into them! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jade, thanks :)

  17. If I try my hand at sorting and tidying up, with luck I'll end up like your before pic.