Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm burning....

... some pretty awesome candles lately! I love candles. Well, who doesn't?! But I always look for the ones that have a huge projection scent wise. I have three candles on the go right now and the way they fill the room with fragrance is pretty amazing. As I'm writing this post, I just realised that it is Diwali and we are talking of candles. So appropriate!

Archipelago Botanicals: Papaya Vanilla

I have this in a small size which burns 18+ hours. It smells pretty amazing. The papaya smells more like lemon juice drenched papaya, citrusy fresh and vanilla is so creamy! It burns pretty well with a wick that keeps going. I have been burning this candle over days, without counting the hours but I think 18 hours is a pretty good sum up. I bought it from Kit Cosmetics for $14.95

Mor Emporium Candle in Lychee Flower

The Mor candle has cracked on the rim leaving sharp edges.
I lacerated my hand.
This was a part of my massive Glosscars prize from Beautyheaven. The candle is huge and burns 40 hours! The black glass has 24k gold  pattern on it. It looks pretty great! Lychee Flower fragrance, like the perfume oil is quite sour, like sour tropical fruits like lychee, passion fruit, mango mixed in a sugary syrup. It is perfect fragrance for a candle than as a perfume. I'm impressed by how well it fills the room with fragrance in a little time. Keen to buy more in different fragrances. Costs $39

Ecoya Metro Jar in Wild Frangipani

This is huge and burs 55+ hours! Beautifully presented white candle in a glass jar. The smell is subtle and easy for the nose to get used to but just detectable when you enter the room. Frangipani smells heavenly, brings summer home even in colder months. I have a matching hand cream which is just so nourishing for my dry hands! Candle costs about $40.

I have had some candle disappointments. One that comes to mind is a Glasshouse candle. They are great in terms of projection of the scent, quality and burning time. But one particular fragrance has scarred my mind is called Caramel Vanilla, which they always burn at Peter Alexander shop. The candle has the most synthetic sugary vanilla that should NEVER be used in the bath room. Just so wrong to smell of food in there, especially of nauseating ones!

Dusk candles always disappoint me due to the poor quality. The scents are so generic. Most Dusk candles have a metallic thread around which the wick is wrapped. It separated as the candle burns and after burning them for a while I'm left with no wick. On contrary to the popular belief, 'it' has no bony skeletal structure. That applies to wicks too!

So, peeps, I'd love to get some candle suggestions. What is your favourite? Do you also feel it is wrong to have foody scents in the bathroom?!


  1. Papaya Vanilla sounds yummy! :) We lit some scented candles yesterday too instead of diyas - cranberry vanilla!

  2. Oooh, cranberry vanilla sounds nice! Scented ones are much better than regular ones :)

  3. I love my candles. I really like the small Kit Cosmetics ones. Some of the Glade ones have nice scents too for the price.

    I agree about food smelling candles in the bathroom, it just isn't right. I much prefer clean, fresh scents for the bathroom and leave vanilla ones for the living room. Scents definitely effect mood and you need to have an appropriate scent for the right room.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Dusk candles, I was considering getting some online (no store near me) but i'll look for something better quality now. I'm curious to try those Yankee Candles, they have some interesting scent combinations. I also didn't realise they had mini Archipelago candles at Kit, i'll need to pick some up.

  4. I like Glade, especially the melts :) I love fresh linen kinds of scents for the bathroom.
    I haven't tried Yankee but heard a great deal about them. I want to try those and the mini Kit Cosmetics ones. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  5. oh man, these sound like they smell awesome! i love great candles.

  6. Papaya & Vanilla sounds lovely good enough to eat

  7. I love Yankee Candles, especially the foodie (pumpkin, apple, spice, banana bread-ish)scents and ones like Midsummer Night, Sage and Citrus, and Fireside. Also love Bath and Body Works Perfect Winter and my all time favorite holiday home scent is Noel from Crabtree and Evelyn.
    Never really thought about the appropriateness of certain scents in certain places but I don't think I'd really mind one way or the other as long as it's a scent I love.

  8. It looks like it would smell amazing!

  9. Thanks for the comments ladies! I really papaya vanilla one too, it does smell amazing :)
    Liber Vix, I have to try Yankee Candles and BBW. I don't know who stocks them in Aus, got to hunt down :)

  10. Oh poo, didn't realize they don't ship to Aus...that's a bummer. If you can find them though, Yankee is great! Not much for BBW anymore (scents are often too cloyingly sweet for me) but some of the candles (especially Winter) are lovely.

  11. Su you MUST try candles from Salkin and co if you can get them in your area.An absolute must for all candle lovers.My fav from them are Leaves,Fireside,salted caramel and sweet cinnamon pumpkin. They are HUGE 14.5oz with three wicks and last for ages.

  12. Oh And I'm soooo late at this but HAPPY DIWALI and my best wishes for you, hubby and baby elephant :)

  13. I hope your hand is okay!

    I'm definitely not a candle connoisseur ;) I only really started burning them this year.

  14. I adore home scents! Funnily enough, one of the loveliest candles I have is an IKEA one in vanilla (simply, but has great throw) I also love Slatkin & Co Leave, Fireside and Holly Wreath, MOR's marshmallow tea cup candle is just adorable too!

  15. Liber Vix, I know, it is a pain but I'm sure eBay has heaps! I'll keep an eye out for sure :)

    Pandora, thanks you for the wishes <3 Salkin candles sound amazing, I should look for them! Thanks for the rec :)

    Larie, My hand is ok now, it was bleeding quite a bit from the deep cut :(

    Stef, I'm so glad to see you back :) I'll surely be getting candles from Ikea next time! Slatkin candles sound really good :) I always wanted to get the MOR candle in teacup, they are beyond adorable!!!