Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Maison Martin Margiela (untitled)

Maison Martin Margiela, what a mouthful! Being challenged even in everyday fashion, not surprisingly, I was totally unaware of the international fashion brand, until I saw this fabulous display at Myer (pictured below). The sales rep was very enthusiastic to tell me all about the brand, when I asked her "Maison, What?!!" MMM is apparently a huge name in fashion. The first perfume from the house is just released in Australia, along with L'Eau, a fresher version.
Website: Galbanum, Boxwood, Bitter Orange
Lentisk resinoid, Jasmine
Musk, Cedarwood, Incense
(untitled) is inspired by "smell of grass just after a rain". I can feel the grass, the rain and the freshness in it. I really like it. I have been wearing this perfume from a sample for 3 days now, enough to gather my thoughts about it.

(untitled) is a beautiful green perfume that is light enough for summer and pleasantly dense. It starts off with an incense laden galbanum.  It is intense to begin with but rapidly softens on my skin. My experience with galbanum is a strange one. When I play with Galbanum essential oil, it turns "oily" on me. Yes, oily! That is the best I can explain the heaviness I feel. Galbanum is the reason why some perfumes don't work on me (like Chanel NÂș19 and Poudre version). Galbanum in (untitled) starts off exactly with that same oiliness but quickly turns into an aromatic powder. Lovely transformation! I love the herbal, green, aromatic, powdery galbanum in (untitled) combined with the coldness of incense. (Lentisk/mastic is another note included that I have been hearing in quite a few places lately. The new Sisley for men, Eau d'Ikar also has it. Need to research this note)

Once the green phase tones down, it diffuses into fine woody musk, very sheer and skin like with gentle floral undertones and still has a cold trace of incense. This blissful combination lies on the skin like perfumed veil. The staying power is great, though the silage is close to skin. It is most definitely unisex. I think it makes a great summer perfume, fresh, light and tender.

L'Eau another release from MMM is a fresher, clean lime/lemony citrus scent that would please the citrus lovers. I prefer the original. The wow factor of (untitled) is in its simplicity creating a classic, clean smell that feels inspired. It is effortlessly elegant. Worthy of a full bottle. 


  1. Hmm, sounds intriguing! I like the sound of some of it, and not so much other notes, but all around it seems like something I'd like :D I've never heard of this brand, though ._. Guess I'm not on my game! (Haha. I totally am not.)

  2. I like this perfume (and own a small decant of it). When I wear it I think it reminds me of something else (not necessarily a perfume) but I cannot put my finger on it. The last time (I'm looking at my notes) I thought I smelled chocolate in it (I know it's not in the notes - just how it smelled to me).

    ~ Undina ~

  3. Larie, If you are into fresh green ones, you might like this one :) Count me in, not on my fashion game :D

    Undinaba, that is very interesting you get chocolate. Maybe it is the galbanum that turns a teeny bit sweet on you? I don't get any sweetness.
    Thinking about what it reminds me of, Bond No 9 West Broadway. Though West Broadway is not as green, must be the incense, tea (very fresh herbal yerba mate) and the mild floral in it?

  4. This sounds delightful for the summer months.The words 'Fresh cut green grass after the rain' is poetry in itself :) I have always found galbanum to be quite heavy on me. To have it turn beautiful and powdery in this composition must be so exciting.

  5. That sounds fabulous! & I love the photo :)

  6. It sounds nice but very different from anything I have tried. That display photo looks great!

  7. Pandora, surprised me how nice a green perfume can smell on me :)
    Vintage, Harshleen, I loved the display too! Very simple and creative :) So is the perfume!