Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cartier: Le Baiser Du Dragon

Cartier: Le Baiser Du Dragon
Thank God for samples!
You are welcome to consider this post as a review but in reality it is more of a rant about this perfume than a review.

Have you ever built an idea about a perfume in your heard so much that when you finally get to smell it you are devastated? I'm sure everyone has. Le Baiser Du Dragon did that to me. I'm annoyed at myself that I got carried away by the lurid descriptions. I expected it to be a dark resinous fragrance, lots of almonds with hints of vetiver. What I get is the total opposite. This fragrance is all about vertiver. Cartier says
"A timeless and mysterious woman's fragrance. 
The magical encounter of precious woods and vetiver. 
The sensuous voluptuousness of iris and deep warmth of patchouli. 
The new feminity of a great woody vetiver fragrance"

So, there you go! My bad, it is a vetiver fragrance. That's not the only reason why this didn't work for me. I am a fan of vetiver and love the idea of a feminine fragrance woven around vetiver. Le Baiser Du Dragon not only didn't meet my expectations, but also the perfume leaves me very unsatisfied. Let me dissect my feeling about this fragrance and vent my disappointment out.

1. What I get at the first sniff never matches what it dries down to. I adore how it starts, resinous, deep and slightly boozy, slightly sweet. It drastically turns into something very different. Benzoin and balsams shift into Vetiver, very starkly. Vetiver is fresh, cool and watery. I wish it stayed in the resinous phase for longer. Or I really wish there was some conjuncture between the top and the base.

Giving me a taste of something I love and then giving me something very different is like playing mind games on me. It is like luring a kid with candy. Just when the kid starts enjoying it, the candy is snatched away and the kid is given juice. Juice is good, but the kid wants the candy! 

2. I expected amaretto and almonds. The almonds get a special mention with this fragrance. I can't smell them on me! Where are they?

3. Dries down to multifaceted vetiver. I love vetiver in fragrances, especially like it when Vetiver comes with cedar/sandal combo! Vetiver and patchouli (prominent in the dry down) is terrific! But why oh why does vetiver come with ROSE? Rose is not powerful but it is present in a conspicuous way. Rose doesn't work on me, with vetiver it is making my head spin!

4. The staying power is good, annoyingly so. I feel like I'm walking vetiver roots. Every time I smell myself, my disappointment haunts me. 

La Baiser Du Dragon is a good fragrance. What ruined it for me is my expectation of what it would be like. If I had smelt it blind, I might have liked it. Even then, I still wouldn't get over the disjuncture between the top and the base. It makes me crave for resins. Please, please don't take away the candy from me! The kid cries.


  1. Ha ha I do this with perfumes too (or even makeup) and then nothing turns out to be exactly like I had wanted it :P

  2. Yeh I know the feeling, one of the funny/wonderful things about perfume is how different it can smell form person to person :)

  3. Ki, yes, it is so frustrating! Happens to me with makeup too, too many to count :D

    Jade, yes, especially disappointed that almonds don't show up with my skin chemistry. I wish!

  4. I had the same reaction when I finally received my bottle of Dragon. Total disappointment. I was expecting a powerhouse by the reviews I read. More kitten than dragon here!

    1. Good to know I'm not alone! It is so much raved about that I feel bad to dislike it. Sorry you had to splurge on the bottle and find out the hard way.