Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Latherati Soap Foundry: Haul and Reviews.

Latherati Soap Foundry: Book-inspired bath and body
Latherati makes awesome scented goodies based on literature. If you are a literature buff or a perfume lover or both, you'll love these products! I'm a bit dense in literature but perfume always gets me!

I first heard of Latherati from Dee and don't know why I hadn't ordered from the Etsy store till a few days ago. Michelle gave me the push I needed by letting me know that the store is closing down! I had to try the perfumes before they were gone forever. Also the store has some fabulous discounts as a part of Closing Sale. I made use of it and got myself a teeny haul!

Julie Dutt who makes the soaps, perfumes, lotions and the scented goodies by hand is a lovely lady who communicates well regarding the order. The postage was lightening fast! I placed the order on 21/10/11, shipped from US on 24/10/11 and reached Australia on 1/11/11 for a very resonable postage of $5.50 USD. Got to love a good service!

Julie also let me know through the convo that the Latherati Soap Foundry is set for a relaunch early next year! Good news, they are not totally closing down after all. 

What I bought:
Queen Bee Dry Body Oil
Dairymaid Body Lotion
Freebies: Sample Lip Glossary in Thornfield
Matchmaker soap sample

THE SCENT: Queen Bee - Warm, cozy and inviting honey

THE INSPIRATION: The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk KiddTHE QUOTE: “Most people don’t have any idea about all the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don’t know anything about.” August Boatwright, The Secret Life of Bees

The scent: The name and the inspiration speak for the scent. Honey lovers, rejoice! Queen Bee is a gorgeous honey scent. It has reminded me how much I love honey in perfumes. A single note honey scent may not be a genius but it is pure awesomeness! The ethereal sweetness of pure golden honey is all that is there in this and all that I really want! Queen Bee is so warm and sweet that it really makes me swoon! Love the simplicity. It is warm, cosy, comfortable, still sexy and raw!

The dry body: I have extremely dry skin and I need all the nourishment I can get to keep skin smooth and calm the itchiness I get from excessive dryness. No wonder I am a huge fan of body oils! Latherati's body oil is jojoba based body oil that instantly relieves of my post bath dryness (Did you know that water is the most dehydrating agent for the skin? This is the first sentence in one of the dermatology books!)
The body oil comes in a spray form, very convenient. It mists the oil on the skin making it easy to spread on the body. It is lightweight and non greasy, absorbs instantly without leaving any kind of residue. My skin feels fabulous afterwards, so nourished and silky! Looks like the body oil will be my bestie through the summer time for post shave/pre tan application to show off my gorgeous legs!

The smell of Queen Bee lingers on the skin and makes me smell yummy! The smell disappears after a while though, which is why, it needs layering with a complementary perfumes.

Cojure Oils Mara is a perfect match to Queen Bee. They smell almost alike and the combination would be synergistic. BPAL Womb Furie is also a good match. By Kilian Aphrodisiac Back To Black would be very well fitting too.

THE SCENT: Dairymaid - a sweet blend of milk and honey and fresh butter cream

THE INSPIRATION: Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas HardyTHE QUOTE: "As Tess's own people down in those retreats are never tired of saying among each other in their fatalistic way: 'It was to be.'" - Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D'Urbervilles

This is the 5th body lotion/butter that I have on the go right now. That is actually too many and it will take me a while to finish all of them. I ordered the body lotion in Dairy Maid just for the perfume's sake. At the time I ordered, I could not find the perfume oil in this scent and settled for body lotion. No regrets! 

The scent of Dairymaid is simple and sweet. The milk is creamy and sweetened with sugar and honey.
Honeyed milk that smells so innocent and pure, like how a baby would smell! Love its simplicity. It calms me down is a very fond way. Perfect lotion to slather on before going to bed!

The lotion is light and nourishing. I think it would suit anyone irrespective of the skin type because it is 
weightless and non greasy. The scent is quite short lived. Maybe I need a perfume oil to go with it.

Matchmaker Soap: Smells of "soapy" strawberries, a little too soapy for my taste. It lathers really well and has tiny beads like seeds of strawberry which give a mild exfoliation effect. It is non drying, makes it great for my dry skin.
Thornfield Lip Balm: I'm really not a lip balm person. Not a lavender fan. That's why I haven't used it yet. I may pass on to someone who likes lavender lip balms.

Overall, pretty impressive products and great shopping experience with Latherati. I would buy again making use of the discount. Currently there is 30% off entire store (code: OCT30) and the % discount will increase till everything is sold out. Right time to nab what you want!
Can't wait for the shop relaunch!


  1. I love latherati! My favourite scents are tara and isle of skye! :-)

    Thanks for letting me know that they aren't shutting down forever - phew!

  2. Ooh, Tara and Isle of Skye sound really nice! I might get a couple of perfume oils when the discount goes up. Let's see what's left :D

  3. These sounds very beautiful products both for the smell and the skin care benefits

  4. Sugarpuffish, I thought of you when I was writing this post! The body oil has jojoba and coconut oils, it may suit you well :)

  5. What a shame they're closing - such a cute little shop and lovely service. Oh well, it's not like I need perfume at the moment (or, you know, ever) so maybe I'll just wait for the relaunch and have a little splurge then.

  6. Dee, I'm impressed with the service and the scents. I may get a few things before December. So glad about the relaunch :)

  7. Su, is Dairymaid similar to Queen Bee? I was wondering if I "need" to purchase Queen Bee, seeing as that I already have Dairymaid.

  8. Michelle, Queen Bee is like raw honey without the milky/creaminess as in Dairy Maid. They are quite different actually. You may 'need' it :D

  9. Oh dear..well. if you think I may need it, who am I to argue? ;)

  10. That's it, it's final! Enabling back atcha :D