Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MOR Giveaway!

Hello, my lovely readers!

I have put together a little giveaway for you all, as a 'Thank you' for reading my blog and leaving wonderful comments. Thanks guys, you rock!

Here is what you can win:
MOR Marshmallow Hand and Body Wash 500ml
MOR Marshmallow Hand and Body Lotion 500ml
A Christmas-y looking muslin draw string bag from India. 
How to enter:
1. Leave a comment by answering:
 "If you made a perfume for yourself, what would it smell like?"
2. Leave your email address in the comment
3. If you are one of 108 followers as of 23/11, you get an extra entry!

Winner will be chosen by random.
Open internationally.

Open from 23/11/2011 to 30/11/2011 midnight AEST
Winner will be drawn and announced on 1/12/2011
This is not a sponsored giveaway. I own the products featured.

Enter away! Good luck!


  1. If I make a perfume for myself, it would smell like the adventures of Alice In Wonderland. With Mad hatter fun and mysterious notes, Alice freshness and smell of curiosity. I have no idea what would go into creating a potion like this, but if there ever will be a scent created by words and memories alone, this would be what I want for myself.
    GFC: BethQuahSooJing

  2. Good question! I would try and bottle the smell of freshly washed sheets hanging on the line on a sunny spring day. (Wow that wasn't meant to sound as lame as it did).
    eatpaintsniffglue at gmail dot com

  3. Ahh gorgeous giveaway :)
    This question is simple for me, lol, naturally it would smell like vanilla, coconut and chocolate, mmm foody scent all the way :-D
    My email addy is

  4. S garden full of sweet smelling flowers. But not too strong. Just gentle like its carried on a breeze.

  5. :) I already feel festive! oh the Potli bad seems nice Su :D

    Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Cardamom with hints of vanilla and cinnamon, dry down should primarily be jasmine, cardamom; would love if it left a sensual trail but only for about 5-6ft around
    With this if I close my eyes I should be in a jasmine garden lined by rose plants and that has a cardamom grinding yard or something nearby, with a wind blowing of course - lol
    ok, that was how far my imagination could get without sounding weird, no idea if its a workable one.

    My email id:

    Great question btw and Thanks You! :)

  6. Nice giveaway Su.. :)
    hmm... my perfume would smell citrusy with a little woody twist.. ;)
    My email add:

  7. Woo! What a great giveaway! Don't you love Mor? They used to have this awesome green tea soap.

    I'm a huge perfume fan. I would pick something with leather, iris and iso super e. It would smell slightly woody and warm (and feminine from the iris). Maybe a touch of violet. The sort of perfume that you smell when you hug someone, and it makes you hug them longer.

    My address is (without the periods) a.z.a.f.f.k.e at@at g.m.a.i.l c.o.m

  8. Great blog Su! If you asked my kids, they would probably say I would smell sweet and chocolate and coffee!


  9. I love foodie scents, I always seem to be drawn to them, even if I'm not thinking of it :) My ideal perfume would be a little sweet and fruity, with earthy base notes and a hint of cocoa and vanilla.

  10. I am a die hard floral fanatic so i would try to make a rose perfume that smells exactly like a rose, first thing in the morning, with dew still fresh on the petals. I love rose like you wouldn't believe but there just arent many decent rose perfumes out there. The second perfume i would make would be a white flower perfume - extremely floral, heady and divine!

    my email address is starran at