Monday, November 28, 2011

Salty, Beachy, Marine Perfumes For Summer!

It is no secret that I am a lover of heavy perfumes: intense orientals, incensy vanillas, the spices and the beautiful resins always make me happy. Come summer, when all my favourite perfumes turn too heavy for the hot weather, when I sweat out everything and when my skin devours any perfume that touches it, my search for an ideal summer perfume is on, happens every year. Usually I am left spinning endlessly on the hamster wheel of so called "fresh" perfumes and if I fall, it is into the ocean of citrus. How hard can it really be to find a summer perfume I like? Something that's non citrus, non fruity, non coconutty/non pina colada (or any drink!) non sweet, non masculine scents? So far, perfumes based on green tea, vetiver, incense and rarely melon have a cooling and fresh effect on me. 

Salty perfumes have always excited me. The idea of smelling like my skin is soaked in beach water makes me feel fresh and energetic. I just love that feeling. My first ever true blue Aussie experience was in spring/summer of 2006 at Byron Bay smelling the fresh sea breeze, feeling insignificant standing in front of the vast Pacific and being totally astonished. That was the the moment I decided to live here for many years to come! Every time I smell salty perfumes, that moment comes to mind!

In perfumes, salty note is very interesting. Though I haven't smelt real ambergris, I have heard heaps about the saltiness in it, given its marine origin. Must be my nose, I can't find any salty vibe in Hermes Eau de Merveilles, the everyone admires, unfortunately. (Please read fabulous description of ambergris by lovely Pandora's Box) Ambergris for me, is a note to explore.

2010, Thierry Mugler's Womanity enters my life and I smell the saltiness of the caviar with mildly fruity fig and the woodyness to hold it down and BAM! My perfect salty scent was found! 

One other salty perfume that comes to my mind is a perfume oil from Violette Market called Sea Dragon. It smells salty, like the deep, rough ocean and reminds me of a lost lonely boat caught in the storm! 

A perfume that has an unusual marine note is Aftelier Tango, which is a gorgeous floral with roasted sea shells (Choya Nach) not really oceanic or fresh but something earthy, smoky and dense, totally out of this world!  

Thanks to Jade and Dee, I got my hands on a boxful of beautiful perfume samples, so thrilled to try them! You ladies rock! I found some really great fresh salty scents among them. Here are my few thoughts about the wonderful ones.

Fourish Bath and Body
"There is something unmistakably oceanic about it- a watery, ozonic quality and a touch of something salty and almost a little spicy, that brings to mind sand and driftwood and sea air"

Smelling directly from the vial, whoa, I smell salt! It is like diving nose first into a jar of salt, an old porcelain jar that has been holding rock salt for ages! On my skin, it tones down to a salty smell that has hints of wood. It has an airy feeling to it, doesn't necessarily bring the sea or ocean to mind, but it is quite nice actually. 

One Hand Washes The Other
"Salt water, linden blossoms, muguet, carnation, white musk, with a base of driftwood and oakmoss."

This is a solid perfume sample. Mermaid is a pleasant floral with some aquatic/sea water feel to it. The florals are really gentle and very beautiful. The salty element adds freshness. I think it is a nice feminine version of a marine fragrance. The florals and salt combo smells like "Spring on a Beach"! 

Being a solid perfume, it melts at body temperature and applies smoothly without any waxiness or stickiness. It feels soft on the skin and the perfume lasts for a few hours before it needs to be reapplied.

Salty Breeze
"Not like other so-called "ocean" scents that are too floral or citrus-y, this fragrance is pure fresh ocean air and sea spray captured in a bottle. Close your eyes and sail away..."

The Garden Bath used to be a perfume oil company that sold on Etsy. But unfortunately, it has been shut down for a while now. Salty Breeze, the perfume is just that! It is salty and has greenness, breezy and light. So fresh that I get a lot of moss, seaweed and seashells too! It feels like smelling sea water directly from the beach. Lovely!

Smelling salty perfumes is a great experience. I think a hint of salt and freshness of the sea is perfect for summer heat, very different from run of the mill fresh scents. If you are like me, wanting a nice summer fragrance with a beachy feel these are a few to try.


  1. You make me think of whole new ways to think about fragrance, I really really love it!

  2. As soon as I read the title, I thought of Womanity, it's my fave salty-sweet scent.
    Demeter's Salt Air is also good, salt with a v clean white musk base.

  3. The only salty perfume I like is 'isle of skye' by latherati - it is sweet pear and a salty ocean sscent combined - heaven!

  4. I always learn something new from you :) it didn't occur to me that you could get a salty perfume. I like the description of Mermaid. Aah Bryon Bay what a lovely place sadly I struggled to get a permanent visa those immigration people are tough cookies and keep changing the rules!

  5. Emma thanks :) Salty note is one radical one in perfumes!

    Michaela, How great is Womanity! Love :) I haven't tried Demeter but I like the idea of literal translations they have in their library.

    Ki, Oh Isle of Skye sounds fab. Looks like I should try it!

    Sarah, we are struggling too! The health clause sucks :(

  6. I love Flourish Saltwater - I bought a full size! On me it's not quite salty, though...I think perfumes tend toward the sweeter side once applied on me (probably to balance out all of my personal saltiness! Haha!). I got the Mermaid perfume oil in the swap and while I liked it initially, I'm not sure how I feel about the dry down. I'm hoping to get home early from work today so that I can make it to the Post office before it closes! They need to keep later hours ._.

  7. WOMANITY!!! I'm going to start wearing this again now!

  8. Oh I had salty breeze... loved it. Now I want Mermaid. Nice enabling Su x

  9. Larie, Saltwater is nice and tones down a lot on my skin. I thought Mermaid might be a tad floral your taste :)

    Jade, Yes, love Womanity! I need a full size :)

    Jac, Salty Breeze is nice, isn't it?! Mermaid is like the feminine version of salty scents. You'll like :)