Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Story Of My Nails

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a nail biter. Now I can say, I'm a nail biter no more! I have spent most of my childhood biting nails and most of my adulthood rationalising it, focussing away from the problem and putting forth these theories about how it began, why I keep doing it...... like it is really a behavioural issue, what would Freud say about why I bite my nails....? 

All you want is a dinkle
What you envy's a schwang
A thing through which you can tinkle
To play with or simply let hang

Penis Envy for nail biting?! I think not! Trace a couple of stages back, I may be orally fixated? I don't know, may be it's another Freudian cul de sac. But I think I have made a U turn!

As for any addiction/behavioural problem, there needed an internal switch to go off for me to change. The push I needed came with the fact that I am turning 30 next year. It is more than a push, it is like a kick in the ass.

What I did to stop biting my nails? I started to focus on growing them! I shifted the focus of my obsession to bite with the obsession to grow.

Inspiration: Alice of Alice Jane From Newcastle, if you have ever seen Alice's nails, you'll know why! Lovely Jac from ChloeBlue Likes To Sparkle* has always inspired me to grow my nails. She has fabulous nails and her nail polish collection is beautiful. She has also warned me that if I bite my nails again, she'll smack me with a virtual twitter stick! My friend Jas has promised a manicure date if I grow my nails! Carrots and stick!

Here is the progress in pictures: I didn't have really nice nails to start with, so even a few nano meters of growth is an improvement. I don't have a before pic per se.

 17/10/11 to 26/10/11
I have this really gorgeous nail polish from NARS called Schiapp. Going to wait for some more growth till I can wear it on all finger nails!

What I used: Revitanail Nail Strengthener:
This is an awesome product. It is much more than a nail hardener. My nails have not split or peeled when I use this. It is like a clear polish gives a nice natural shine to the nails. 
Sally Hansen Growth Miracle: I tried it briefly but it did not work for me. It PEELS like crazy to reveal dry nails! Doesn't harden or strengthen the nails either. Huge fail!

I have been using Sweet Almond Oil for my nails and cuticles. It works wonders for dry peeling cuticles. 

Lanolips hand creme: Wonderfully nourishing but the rose smell is so strong! 

I don't think I'll use hair/nail vitamins, I'd rather eat a wholesome diet or just take multivitamins that are good for all parts of my body.

This is the story of my nail growth. I don't know if it is something I'm proud of because it is hardly an achievement. These superficial things give me an illusion of control over my uncertain life. 30!


  1. I used to bite my nails for the longest time, and I'm not sure when I stopped. But now I really enjoy having polish on them, even though I keep them short for practical purposes (and they annoy me when they get too long!). I don't think I put anything on them, but it might help if you paint them anyway, you know? The idea of ruining them might deter you from biting. I don't think there's a prerequisite length for painting nails, either - if you want to paint them, paint them! :D

  2. Larie, I can't imagine by the look of your nails, that you used to bite them! They are fab! Something on the nails (polish, clear or colour) prevents me from going at them! But my nails are really teeny and bright colours make them look smaller :/ I'm sticking with clear polish and maybe get a neutral shade that will make my nails look longer :)

  3. That is awesome Su! I'd be happy if my nails looked like your first picture! I haven't been able to overcome my nail issues, but I keep trying. I can go for a while, but it just feels too weird to have even a little nail growth and I always backslide. I know mine is anxiety driven, and I am trying to focus on treating them well rather than abusing them, which is totally what I've done. I got a gorgeous nail polish in my birchbox this month and I'd love to be able to wear it. Hey, whatever works...

  4. Liber Vix, Totally understand! It has begun to feel weird for me now. It feels so different, nail biting is like a part of me! I think that focus shift really helped me. I really hope you can make it work too! Try taking pictures as you grow them. Like I said earlier, clear polish/nail strengthener works wonders. I wish you all the best. Looking forward to see your new nails with the new nail polish on it! x

  5. Wow. I've inspired someone. :)

    Congratulations overcoming the nail biting. You'll find that there will be a limit on how long you can grow your natural nails before you start cracking them, tearing them or feeling like you're going to lever the whole nail off because of how long they are. Once you find the length that you're comfortable with, you'll find that you'll also become comfortable with more colours on them.

    Of course, mine are artificial now, and have been for about 11 months!

  6. Alice, yes indeed! You have inspired me :) even though you have an overlay, the amount of care you take to look after your natural nails is just great!

    I'm dreading the cracking and splitting actually. I want to grow them just past my fingers. Don't think I can handle more than that. Will take 2 weeks to do that, if nothing happens in between that is. I'll get a mani to shape them off. Feels so good :D

  7. I used to be a horrible nail biter, even today my nails don't grow beyond a point, they just start breaking :P

  8. Well done for breaking the habit. I used to do it as a kid but I think when I became aware of nail polish I stopped over night so I could have nails to paint. Despite all my allergies I'm lucky my nails are tough and I don't struggle to grow them.
    Keep up the good work Su if you keep pampering those nails you'll get there!

  9. Ki, So great that you kicked the habit! I think nails get weaker when bitten, that's why probably they are week.

    Sarah, thank you :) Quitting overnight is a miracle. Nail polish is a great incentive for sure! Lucky you have nice nails :)

  10. I used to bite my nails too......a lot. I finally managed to break the habit about 2years ago.

  11. Your nails look lovely & I adore the colour of that polish! Good job for stopping.

    I used to bite my nails too. The main downside for me is that my nail bed is very short now so my nails look quite odd if I have them long unless I paint them.

  12. Harshleen, so glad, I wish to be able to go as far as 2 years! :)

    Vintage, thank you <3 I understand what you mean by short nail beds. My nails are growing at an angle to the nail bed, odd! :)

  13. Great, u found a way of winning it over :)
    ah its no illusion Su! boy the achievement when I snap back at age or the sorts - using a primer or foundation - priceless (of course one knows the truth in their zen moments :))

    I remember now, my dad had taught me how to grow, care for, file and paint my nails back when i hit my teens. hmm i may have been biting it! how I grew to love and nurture it then! but he also made me promise i would grow it only during vacation time! lol.

  14. You are getting there Su. Just envision yourself out to dinner with hubby wearing that gorgeous Nars nailpoish on ALL your nails ;)
    I swear by the miracles of almond oil too.Best cure for dry cuticles.
    I'm rooting for you :)

  15. Gaea thank you :) Absolutely agree, what would we do without all the nice distractions?! Oh, the pleasure of pretty things :)
    How sweet of your dad to teach you about taking care of your nails! Dads are the best <3

    Pandora, I hope I get there too! Thinking about the pink polish is getting my heart to race already haha :D Thanks you <3

  16. I struggle to grow my nails, but not from nail biting, just weak peeling nails. Anyway, recently I had a Shellac manicure which lasted for just over 2 weeks, when I took the polish off, I couldn't believe how much my nails had grown, and was very pleased that the soak off gels had not destroyed my nails, as promised. I've been wearing regular polish since, and altho the polishes don't last long on me, it does prevent me from picking at my nails. I so want another Shellac mani!! :)

  17. Michelle! I want Shellac too! It sounds really good and actually healthy for nails. I'd love to be able to have nail polish for two weeks straight. I am getting one, I need it :)

  18. nidhibhasin@ovi.comOctober 14, 2012 at 6:16 AM

    i never bite my nails just 1 week ago I had 2 inch long but m in India n school teachers here dont allow to grow nails but it was my brothers marriege n how can I cut them!!!!!!!
    But I had to!! All my sisters are havin long nails, but i'm the only one with short nails!!!
    Please suggest me some way to grow them the wedding is on 28th only 10 days left!!!!
    Please help me...

    1. Wow, growing nails in 10 days seems like a challenge! Depends on how quickly your nails grow. Almond oil/castor oil massage to the cuticles may help.
      The easiest way would be to go for fake/artificial nails that you can stick-on and remove after the wedding. You get them in really natural shape and size and they come with glue. Some stay on for 2 or 3 days (if don't play with water a lot). You can even change them every morning if you feel they will fall off.
      Another suggestion is going for acrylic nails which will stay for weeks but it can be damaging for the nails and hard to remove when you go back to school.
      Good luck and enjoy your brother's wedding :) x